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Romney set to announce running mate Saturday: Here's the short list

Mitt Romney’s campaign has announced that he will reveal his running mate Saturday morning in Norfolk, Virginia. Until that happens, those outside Romney’s inner circle will continue to speculate. In alphabetical order, here are the five most likely remaining options for the GOP presidential ticket:

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney greets New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as he campaigns at Basalt Public High School, in Basalt, Colo., Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, en route to Aspen, Colo.
Charles Dharapak/AP
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1. Chris Christie

Assets: Popular first-term governor of New Jersey. Charismatic. Entertaining. Well-spoken advocate for fiscally prudent governance at the state level. Would be aggressive in attack dog role against the Obama-Biden ticket.

Negatives: Largeness of girth makes some people uncomfortable. Charisma could overshadow Romney. Tendency to dress down voters, while entertaining to some, could be offensive to others and wear thin over time. Only two and a half years in office. No Washington experience. No potential to put New Jersey in Romney’s column. 


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