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What do you know about GMOs? Take the GMO quiz

GMOs are a controversial subject worldwide, and the debate about their safety and value is rife. Proponents of GMOs argue that the products are not only safe but also offer long-term, sustainable solutions to world hunger. At the same time, critics say that GMOs are subjected to too little government oversight and pose risks to human health and to the environment, while also failing to deliver on hopes for alleviating world hunger. How much do you know about GMOs?

Mary Corcoran (with hat) and Emerson college student Megan Hessenthaler (with GMOs sign) protest against the use of genetically modified organisms outside the Statehouse in Boston. Inside the building in a hearing room, opponents of genetically engineered foods made their case to a legislative committee.
John Nordell/The Christian Science Monitor
Question 1 of 20

1. Which of these animals has been genetically engineered to grow faster, becoming the first animal to be modified specially for human consumption?





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