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Sunshine, swing votes, and sinkholes: Think you know Florida? Take our quiz!

So you own a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and prefer your orange juice fresh-squeezed, but that doesn't mean you know Florida. It's the state that has it all, from battleground politics and epic ecosystems to mythic reptiles and senior snowbirds. So slip on some shades: It's time for a quiz about the Sunshine State.

Workers are shown holding a nearly 16-foot long Burmese python that was captured and killed in Everglades National Park, Fla., in October 2011. The python had recently consumed a 76-pound adult female deer.
South Florida Water Management District/AP
Question 1 of 24

1. In January 2013, a number of research, hunting, and nature organizations organized the Python Challenge, a contest to encourage hunters to 'harvest' invasive Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades. When harvesting pythons, which of the following is NOT a question to concern yourself with?

Can non-Florida residents harvest Burmese pythons?

Can hunters keep the skins of the Burmese pythons they harvest?

Can people eat the meat of Burmese pythons?

Where can I buy Burmese python anti-venom?

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