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Where do I vote? Voting locations for election 2010.

It's finally time to head to the polling stations, but many are asking, 'where do I vote?' Finding voting locations by zip code and by street address is easy using these sites.

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Where do I vote? Useful websites like the DNC's Raise Your Vote help you find voting locations for election 2010.

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Knowing who to vote for can be tough enough this election year. You don't need to make things any harder on yourself by getting lost on the way to the polling station. This year Google and the Democratic National Committee are each trying to make it easier for voters to find their assigned voting locations by zip code and by street address.

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Election Center is a Google Labs project that drops a pin on both your address and the polling station to which you have been assigned. It starts by recognizing the state you are in but needs your specific address to determine your polling station.

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The Democratic National Committee has put up a slightly more useful polling locator they call Raise Your Vote. This site still needs your address and zip code, but then displays your assigned polling station as well as the best route to get there from your home.

Both of these sites use Google Maps and offer contact information for your state's Board of Elections and Voter Information Hotline if the service can not find your assigned polling station.

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