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Herman Cain: Five signs that Cain's got momentum

Herman Cain jumped from 6 percent to 17 percent in the latest Fox News poll of GOP 2012 presidential candidates. Herman Cain is now just behind Gov. Rick Perry. And there are more signs that Cain's support is gathering momentum.

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Inside Facebook charts the big rise of Herman Cain fans on Facebook in green.

Inside Facebook

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Is the man who brought you such hits as trademarking “The Hermanator Experience” and the “999 Plan” hitting his political stride? Is this Herman Cain’s moment?

Exhibit A: This week’s FOX News poll showing Herman Cain with the support of 17 percent of GOP primary voters, a hair behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry at 19 percent and within reach of Mitt Romney at 23 percent. Cain was at 6 percent a month ago, before the GOP’s marathon debate schedule put all the candidates in front of voters over and over again.

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Exhibit B: Cain crushed everybody at the most recent straw poll (in Florida), taking home 37 percent of the vote to Perry’s 15.4 percent and Romney’s 14 percent. While some saw it as a protest vote against Rick Perry, the fact remains: Cain cleaned house.

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Exhibit C: Coming to bookstores Amazon shopping carts near you, “This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House” A book is a great reason to get a candidate on Sunday talk shows, cable news programs, hits with print reporters, and the beat goes on.

Exhibit D (above): Herman Cain is killing it on Facebook. The above Inside Facebook chart shows Facebook fans gained, by day.

Cain’s 203,000-strong Facebook fanbase is still well behind Mitt Romney’s more than 1.1 million Facebook devotees - but of course, Romney has been running for president for five years.

The question for Herman Cain? He’s also behind Michele Bachmann, who has north of 450,000 Facebook fans. Will he wind up like Bachmann, generating a ton of short-term heat but without much long-term light?

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