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Do you know the facts behind Arizona's immigration law? Take our quiz.

Arizona’s tough immigration enforcement law was designed to convince illegal immigrants to pack up and go home. The measure sparked protests and boycotts against the state, and prompted the Obama administration to ask the courts to block the statute. On April 25, the legal battle arrives at the US Supreme Court, in a showdown that pits the federal government’s exclusive power to regulate immigration against a state government’s authority to police its sovereign territory. 

A fence along the US-Mexico border in Naco, Arizona.
Joshua Lott/Reuters/File
Question 1 of 23

1. The federal government has placed signs in lawless border areas of Arizona. What do these signs say?

“Welcome to America.”

“Danger. Public Warning. Travel Not Recommended.”

“You Have Entered a Federally-Patrolled Border Region. Anyone Engaging in Racial Profiling Will Be Prosecuted.”

“Your Federal Stimulus Dollars at Work.”

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