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How well do you know your mob bosses and gangsters? Take our organized crime quiz.

Crime groups including the Mafia have long provoked both fear and fascination. Sometimes mob bosses have risen to wield extraordinary power – seemingly out of reach of the law – in cities in the US and beyond. And often they fall just as spectacularly. Here's a quiz that will test (and elevate) your street smarts in the world of "wise guys."

Question 1 of 20

1. Joe Pistone ('Donnie Brasco') is known in the realm of organized crime for which of the following?

Winning an internal battle for control of one of New York's five Mafia "families."

Acting as a phenomenally successful "fence" for stolen art.

Infiltrating the New York Mafia as an undercover FBI agent.

Fixing horseraces for years without detection.

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