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Are you smarter than a US Marine? Take the recruitment quiz

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Quiz results

OK, the test is over, but it’s still going to take a bit of math to come up with your AFQT score. If you made it this far, this should be easy.

1) Take the number of correct answers (see answers below) for the Word Knowledge (WK) questions (say, 6), add to the Paragraph Comprehension (PC) correct answers (say 5).

2) Take the sum and multiply by 5.17. (Example 6 + 5 = 11 x  5.17 = 57)  The total is your Verbal Expression (VE) score.

3) Then, add the total number of correct answers from the Math Knowledge (MK) section and the Arithmetic Reasoning (AR).  Since we only have 12 questions in our quiz, to scale up to the 105-question test, multiply the AR and MK total correct answers by 16.33.

4) OK, now you’re ready to calculate your AFQT raw score. Multiply your VE score by 2, and add this total to the AR and MK total you just calculated.

 The formula looks like this: AFQT raw score = 2VE + [(AR + MK) X 16.33)].

5) This will give you a close approximation of your AFQT raw score. The DOD doesn’t use the number of correct answers in the math tests, but weights the score based on how hard the questions are.  The DOD doesn’t make public how it weights these questions so we've made an estimation. Use the chart below to see which branch of the US military you’re qualified to join.

Army - It requires a minimum AFQT percentile score of 31 (AFQT raw score of 181) to qualify for enlistment.

Note: The qualifying AFQT score is the percentile of how the applicant scores compared to a 1997 test group of 18-23 year olds.  So, if an individual has an AFQT score of 31, that does not mean he/she got 31 percent of the answers correct. It means he/she scored better than 31 percent of the individuals who took the test in 1997.

Marine Corps recruits must score at least 32 percentile (AFQT raw score of 182). If you’re not a high school graduate, but took the GED, you must score at least in the 50 percentile (AFQT raw score of 204).

Navy recruits must score at least 35 (AFQT raw score of 187) If you’re not a high school graduate, but took the GED, you must score at least in the 50 percentile (AFQT raw score of 204).

Air Force recruits must score at least 36 points (AFQT raw score of 189). If you’re not a high school graduate, but took the GED, you must score at least in the 65 percentile (AFQT raw score of 219)

Coast Guard requires a minimum of 40 points (AFQT raw score of 193). If you’re not a high school graduate, but took the GED, you must score at least in the 50 percentile (AFQT raw score of 204).


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Your results

1. WK: "Antagonize" most nearly means ...

Your response: Embarrass Struggle Provoke Worship

Correct answer: Provoke

2. AR: If the tire of a car rotates at a constant speed of 552 times in one minute, how many times will the tire rotate in half-an-hour?

Your response: 276 5,520 8,280 16,560

Correct answer: 16,560

3. PC: "The eastern part of Texas will ambush the senses of all who enter it with preconceptions of sand and cacti around every bend. It has a look and atmosphere that does not fit the boots-and-saddle image of the state." The author implies that the look and atmosphere of east Texas does NOT resemble that of the ...

Your response: Marshlands Desert Mountains Seashore

Correct answer: Desert

4. MK: Solve the formula below

Your response: 3 9 12 square root of 3

Correct answer: 3

5. WK: "Wilted" most nearly means ...

Your response: Left Limp Budding Requested

Correct answer: Limp

6. AR: A motorcycle cost $7,250. If it depreciates by 12% per year, how much will it be worth after one year?

Your response: $870 $1,250 $5,920 $6,380

Correct answer: $6,380

7. PC: "They returned to the beach, where blankets spotted the slope to the water. An advancing wall of clouds, black and gray, darkening the expanse of ground beneath, approached from the west. To the east and above them, the sky remained clear, the sun warm, as if collaborating in the deception." The "deception" referred to in the passage is that ...

Your response: The sky is clear in the east. There is no storm approaching. It is too cold to swim. The sun is warm.

Correct answer: There is no storm approaching.

8. MK: The volume of the brick shown below is ...

Your response: 36 44 15 96

Correct answer: 96

9. WK: His record provides no reason for "apprehension."

Your response: Endorsement Anxiety Change Enjoyment

Correct answer: Anxiety

10. AR: One in every 9 people in a town vote for party A. All others vote for party B. How many people vote for party B in a town of 810?

Your response: 819 720 90 801

Correct answer: 720

11. PC: "A thin transparent layer of oxide protects the metal titanium against corrosion. The same thin layer attracts artists interested in making their art with the help of technology. By using heat or electricity, an artist can thicken the oxide layer and thereby turn the metal a range of vivid colors." According to the passage, some artists work with titanium because it ...

Your response: Does not corrode. Is transparent. Can assume a variety of colors. Generates its own heat.

Correct answer: Can assume a variety of colors.

12. MK: Solve the formula shown below

Your response: x + y 2x - y x - y x + 2y

Correct answer: x + y

13. WK: "Chaste" most nearly means ...

Your response: Unclean Charitable Wealthy Pure

Correct answer: Pure

14. AR: If it takes 15 people in an assembly line to build 1 smartphone every five minutes, how people does it take make 5 smartphones every five minutes?

Your response: 100 125 75 60

Correct answer: 75

15. PC: "From a building designer’s standpoint, three things that make a home livable are the client, the building site, and the amount of money the client has to spend." According to this statement, to make a home livable ...

Your response: The design must fit the designer’s income. The prospective piece of land makes little difference. The design must fit the owner’s income and site. It can be built on any piece of land.

Correct answer: The design must fit the owner’s income and site.

16. MK: Based on the image below, what is the formula for solving the area of a square?

Your response: Area = C X C Area = C X 3 Area = C X 4 Area = C + 4

Correct answer: Area = C X C

17. WK: Which word most closely means "elaborate"?

Your response: shorten elastic expand wisdom

Correct answer: expand

18. AR: If a vehicle travels five feet in one second, how many feet does it travel in one hour?

Your response: 300 1800 18000 730

Correct answer: 18000

19. PC: "On Monday, March 25, Lee came walking up Neely Street carrying a long package wrapped in brown paper. Peering through a tiny crack in the curtains, I could see the words REGISTERED and INSURED stamped on it in big red letters. For the first time I thought he seemed furtive and nervous, actually looking around at his exterior surroundings instead of at the spooky furniture deep in his head." What does the writer mean by "spooky furniture"?

Your response: Couches and chairs draped with white sheets Lee is mentally unstable Lee is anxious about where he is now Lee has a headache

Correct answer: Lee is mentally unstable

20. MK: If X + 9 = 24, then X =

Your response: 13 9 15 33

Correct answer: 15

21. WK: "Paraphrase" most nearly means ...

Your response: reevaluate restate complicate understand

Correct answer: restate

22. AR: Nine teams are building 9 houses. Each team has eight members, at the start. But each team has lost one member by the time all 9 houses are built. How many total members are left when the houses are complete?

Your response: 6 71 63 64

Correct answer: 63

23. PC: "In the US, a car is stolen every 43 seconds, and less than half are stolen on weekends. Crime statistics show that most thefts are a result of unlocked cars and cars left running while doing an errand. Crime experts say that auto thefts can be blamed on desperation and carelessness." If so, it's the responsibility of drivers to ...

Your response: do most of their driving on weekdays, not weekends. donate to charitable organizations. be alert, and not negligent about security. take public transportation whenever possible.

Correct answer: be alert, and not negligent about security.

24. MK: What percentage is approximately equal to 1/6th?

Your response: 10 percent 15 percent 20 percent 17 percent

Correct answer: 17 percent