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A United Auto Workers union member attends a ceremony in which members of UAW Local 600 unfurled a banner to commemorate a labor anniversary in Michigan.
Rebecca Cook/REUTERS
Question 3 of 18

3. Historically many Americans have belonged to unions, but some argue that unions are too powerful these days. What do you think?

Unions are costly and too rigid, harming innovation and competition. But if someone wants to join a union they should be able to.

Collective bargaining rights are being unfairly attacked in this country. Labor should be protected; it is the backbone of the American economy.

Unions are far too powerful. Collective bargaining should be limited, and there should be a national right-to-work law.

Do away with unions entirely. There are enough laws, like anti-discrimination protections and the minimum wage, to protect workers.

Collective bargaining rights are just as fundamental as the right to bear arms, and should be made a part of the Constitution.

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