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A bank owned home is advertised for sale in California in 2009.
Mike Blake / Reuters
Question 3 of 21

3. Since 2008, millions of Americans have lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis. What would you do to help those still struggling to pay their mortgages on time?

The government should set up a program to forgive mortgage debt entirely. Or, if people have already lost their homes, they should be given new ones.

Congress should allocate federal spending to help homeowners. If the original amount of funding is insufficient, more should be allocated.

The government should set up a program that requires banks to give mortgage holders loan modifications.

The government has done enough for homeowners at this point. Now it’s time to fix the economy so this never happens again. If hardworking Americans can’t pay their mortgages, there’s something seriously wrong with our economy.

The government should leave well enough alone. Homeowners should have known better than to buy houses they couldn’t afford

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