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Are the rich getting richer? Take our quiz on inequality and incomes.

The income gap between rich and poor has widened in the United States and in many other advanced economies since the 1970s. The trend makes this a hot political topic at a time when middle-class families feel they are struggling to get ahead, and as some wonder whether inequality is harming economic growth. This quiz tests how big (or narrow!) your own "gap" is when it comes to knowing the economics and politics of income disparities from the French Revolution to the Great Recession.

Question 1 of 21

1. The average household in the 'top 1 percent' by income out-earned a typical 'bottom 90 percent' household by how much in 2012?

7 times as much (with income averaging $220,000)

14 times as much (with income averaging $420,000)

42 times as much (with income averaging $1.3 million)

151 times as much (with income averaging $4.6 million)

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