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Do you know your state holidays? Even Pulaski Day?

In the rest of the US, next Monday (April 21) may be just another date on the calendar. Not so in three states, where it's an official state holiday. In Texas, Monday marks San Jacinto Day, which celebrates the battle in 1836 when the future state won its independence from Mexico. In Maine and Massachusetts, meanwhile, the third Monday of April is Patriots Day and honors the colonists' role in the opening volleys of the Revolutionary War. It's also when the Boston Marathon is run. Such local holidays dot the American calendar. A selected few, with the dates and states where each is celebrated:

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Casimir Pulaski Day (Illinois), first Monday in March. Pulaski was a Revolutionary War cavalry officer.
Town Meeting Day (Vermont), first Tuesday in March
Seward Day (Alaska), last Monday of March
Cesar Chavez Day (California and Colorado), March 31
Arbor Day (Nebraska), last Friday in April
King Kamehameha I Day (Hawaii), June 11
Emancipation Day (Texas), June 19
Pioneer Day (Utah), July 24
Bennington Battle Day (Vermont), Aug. 16
Alaska Day, Oct. 18