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An estimated 1,600 grooms gathered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tuesday for a mass wedding that was sponsored by the governor and a local group, for couples who couldn't afford an expensive wedding.

Ali Jarekji/Reuters

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Hanging With an Academic Rock Star: Staff writer Robert Marquand met Serbian intellectual Obrad Savic at the Strip Depot, a cafe in downtown Pristina, Kosovo.

"It's the kind of place that would easily fit in Berlin or Paris. The art on the walls, though, was authentically Balkan. I saw a painting of Superman with a cap wrapped around him as if he was Dracula," says Bob.

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He got the distinct impression that this was one of Mr. Savic's frequent haunts. "We were interrupted about every 10 minutes either by someone stopping to ask about a lecture or someone waving from the street. He's an academic celebrity of sorts, in a place where there aren't many people like him."

David Clark Scott

World editor