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Asia's troubled waters: What's going on in the South China Sea? Take our quiz.

From neighbors jostling over disputed islands to fishing boat clashes, tensions are rising in the South and East China seas. China and Japan are among the claimants in the headlines, but others are also asserting their maritime rights. How well do you know what's happening in Asia's hotly contested waters? Take our quiz to find out.

A China Coast Guard vessel attempts to block a Philippine government vessel as the latter tries to enter the China Second Thomas Disputed Shoals (local name Ayungin Shoal) to replace Philippine troops and resupply provisions off the South China Sea. Despite U.S. and Asian calls for self-restraint and new impetus for the resolution of territorial disputes involving China, a high-profile Asian security summit ended in August 2014, where it began, with no solution of the rifts in sight.
Bullit Marquez/AP/File
Question 1 of 19

1. China says it has “indisputable sovereignty” over waters and islands in the South China Sea. How many other countries have competing claims in that sea?





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