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Facing up to racism in Britain

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Despite considerable US progress in the area of civil rights, talk of racism in the West invariably centers on the United States. Yet, a non-Caucasian who stays in Britain for an extended period of time will have no difficulty in concluding that racial tensions there are more serious.

Unlike America, Britain has yet to accept that it is now a multiracial society. Remarkably, there is still a genteel pretense in Britain that racism does not exist to any significant extent.

Bereft of the riches of their colonies, Britons are finding it difficult to reconcile themselves to the fact of their nation's decline. At the same time they do not find it difficult to attach blame for their existing woes on the "colored intruders." Hence, race prejudice is not viewed as the major problem. More accurately, it is the "dark-skinned ones" who are believed to be the problem.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, for some the British solution to the problem calls for the repatriation (a euphemism for forcible deportation) of all the "niggers, " "wogs", and others unlucky enough to have a complexion darker than that of the majority whites.

The spearheads behind the move to exploit the hidden racism of Britons are neo-Nazi groups, whose tactics against the immigrants are strongly reminiscent of the ruses employed by their Nazi forerunners in Germany who perfected scapegoating of Jews in order to pave their path to power (British Nazis attribute all of British woes to blacks in Britain). This has had a spillover effect, in that JEwish cemeteries and synagogues have been desecrated by crudely painted swastikas.


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