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Title MPAA Rating Monitor Rating Review Date
'A Quiet Passion' won't encourage viewers to seek out Emily Dickinson's poetry PG-13 2017-04-21
John Coltrane documentary 'Chasing Trane' has stunning concert, music clips Unrated 2017-04-21
'Tramps' is remarkably fresh, as are its leads Unrated 2017-04-21
'Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer' has too much Norman R 2017-04-14
'Tommy's Honour' is a conventional movie about unconventional people PG 2017-04-14
'The Lost City of Z' is only fitfully successful as a psychological portrait of a burgeoning obsessive PG-13 2017-04-14
'Going in Style' is a clunky escapade enlivened only by its three leads PG-13 2017-04-07
What's good in 'Colossal' isn't very original R 2017-04-07
'Their Finest' thumps for rose-colored glasses over reality R 2017-04-07
'Ghost in the Shell' eliminates deep think in favor of deep action PG-13 2017-03-31
'The Zookeeper's Wife' has a strong story but is unadventurous PG-13 2017-03-31
‘I Called Him Morgan’ embraces ambiguousness of story Unrated 2017-03-31
'Life' is glumly earnest R 2017-03-24
'Wilson' should be sharper and funnier R 2017-03-24
'The Last Laugh' doesn't provide penetrating answers Unrated 2017-03-24
Austerely compelling 'Frantz' explores persistence of love PG-13 2017-03-24
'Beauty and the Beast' is not a compelling equivalent of the 1991 animated movie PG 2017-03-17
In 'After the Storm,' what we see is too often all we get Unrated 2017-03-17
'Kong: Skull Island' is a fun movie with an inspired setting PG-13 2017-03-10
Socially conscious horror movies don't get any better than 'Get Out' R 2017-03-10
Smooth surfaces of 'The Sense of an Ending' need disrupting PG-13 2017-03-10
'Logan' turns into a free-for-all bloodfest R 2017-03-03
'Wolves' is cliché-ridden and predictable R 2017-03-03
‘My Life as a Zucchini’ avoids sentimentality PG-13 2017-03-03
'I Am Not Your Negro' shows that the world today is poorer for not having James Baldwin’s views PG-13 2017-02-24
Grand-scale extravaganza in 'The Great Wall' lacks transcendence PG-13 2017-02-17
'Kedi' is about how animals can bring out the kindness in people Unrated 2017-02-17
'I Am Jane Doe' lucidly presents important subject Unrated 2017-02-10
'The LEGO Batman Movie' is exhilarating and exhausting PG 2017-02-10
'A United Kingdom' simplifies a complex political dynamic PG-13 2017-02-10
'The Daughter,' Ibsen adaptation, won't win over viewers who are new to playwright's work Unrated 2017-02-03
Uneven 'The Comedian' doesn't measure up to Robert De Niro's performance R 2017-02-03
'Gold' lacks urgency or adventurousness - 2017-01-27
'Midsummer in Newtown' does not oversell the restorative power of art Unrated 2017-01-27
'The Salesman' isn't director Asghar Farhadi's best but offers glints of what often makes him one of best directors around PG-13 2017-01-27
'Split' doesn't deviate from director-writer M. Night Shyamalan's standard fare PG-13 2017-01-20
'The Founder' doesn't take a stand for or against protagonist's avarice PG-13 2017-01-20
'The Red Turtle' has a quietly breathtaking delicacy PG 2017-01-20
'Patriots Day': Does Mark Wahlberg's fictional treatment add anything? R 2017-01-13
‘Silence’ falls short in portraying true religious feeling R 2017-01-13
'Toni Erdmann' is fitfully sharp and amusing R 2017-01-06
'Hidden Figures' is unoriginal but has an irresistible story PG 2017-01-06
'Julieta' is straightforward by Almodovar standards R 2016-12-30
'Paterson' is charming, if also headscratch-inducing R 2016-12-30
'I, Daniel Blake' has focused story, strong acting R 2016-12-30
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'Passengers' is simply a sleek, well-designed curiosity PG-13 2016-12-22
'20th Century Women' actress Annette Bening's performance is a marvel R 2016-12-22
'Fences' is strong on acting but overly stagey PG-13 2016-12-16
'Accidental Courtesy' lets audience judge the actions of subject Unrated 2016-12-16
'Land of Mine' shows when mercy must overrule hatred R 2016-12-16
The best character in reasonably good 'Rogue One' is robot K-2SO PG-13 2016-12-15
'La La Land' is a deliriously fine musical about the challenges of making art PG-13 2016-12-09
'Things To Come' has a great performance by Isabelle Huppert PG-13 2016-12-02
'Jackie' is an unenlightening portrait of a famous Kennedy R 2016-12-02
'Allied' is lackluster and without suspense R 2016-11-23
'Lion' has half an Oscar-worthy film PG-13 2016-11-23
'Moana' is one of the better Disney animated features to come along in a while PG 2016-11-23
'Rules Don't Apply,' Warren Beatty's directorial return, is disarmingly light PG-13 2016-11-23
'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' has too much of a good thing PG-13 2016-11-18
'Off the Rails' provides a window into a psyche Unrated 2016-11-18
'Nocturnal Animals' has a sadistic edge that is punitive R 2016-11-18
'Manchester by the Sea' is true to intricacies of family strife R 2016-11-18
Virtues of 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' are concealed by film format R 2016-11-11
'Arrival': The film lacks a sense of the transcendent PG-13 2016-11-11
'Hacksaw Ridge' often has bloodlust pose as religiosity R 2016-11-04
'Doctor Strange' doesn't appreciably improve the Marvel universe PG-13 2016-11-04
'Loving' is careful not to offend PG-13 2016-11-04
'Inferno' doesn't amount to much PG-13 2016-10-28
'Moonlight' has some of the year's best performances R 2016-10-28
'The Eagle Huntress' is too slick but heroine triumphs over movie's excesses G 2016-10-28
'Fire at Sea' provokes questions about director’s choices Unrated 2016-10-28
'Before the Flood' lays out the case for climate reform with steadfast rigor Unrated 2016-10-21
'American Pastoral' is grueling and thin R 2016-10-21
'The Accountant' has confusing twists R 2016-10-14
'Newtown' is about people trying to make sense out of senselessness Unrated 2016-10-14
'Christine' is Rebecca Hall's finest movie performance to date R 2016-10-14
'The Girl on the Train' is morose and predictable R 2016-10-07
'The Birth of a Nation' is heavy-handed and hero worshiping R 2016-10-07
'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' is fairly generic Tim Burton PG-13 2016-09-30
'Deepwater Horizon' is a slam-bang action movie PG-13 2016-09-30
'Denial' is efficient and dry PG-13 2016-09-30
'The Dressmaker' induces whiplash with its moodswings R 2016-09-23
'Queen of Katwe' is winningly vivacious PG 2016-09-23
'Snowden' is a fawning piece of work R 2016-09-16
'Fatima' is well-observed but too bland Unrated 2016-09-16
'Sully' is more of a monument than a movie PG-13 2016-09-09
'Cameraperson' is a memoir of a documentary cinematographer Unrated 2016-09-09
'Come What May' has the solid narrative pleasures of an old-fashioned war epic R 2016-09-09
Creepily ambiguous 'Demon' delves into the nature of Polish collective guilt R 2016-09-09
In 'Complete Unknown,' Rachel Weisz's character is more of an intellectual concept than a human being R 2016-09-02
'Lo and Behold' director Werner Herzog shows he is a fanatical dreamer PG-13 2016-09-02
'Hell or High Water' is just about perfect with its satisfying construction R 2016-08-26
'War Dogs' doesn't have many thrills R 2016-08-19
'Ben-Hur' is tepid and CGI-heavy PG-13 2016-08-19
'Imperium' is pulpy but effective R 2016-08-19
'A Tale of Love and Darkness' is often irretrievably dour PG-13 2016-08-19
'Little Men' is sweet with powerfully understated acting PG 2016-08-12
In 'Florence Foster Jenkins,' life is more important than art PG-13 2016-08-10
'Suicide Squad': Characters are promisingly introduced, fizzle fast PG-13 2016-08-05
'The Little Prince' has a tedious real-world framing device PG 2016-08-05
'Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil' is dry but the art is still astonishing Unrated 2016-08-05
'Jason Bourne' is one of the better entries in the series PG-13 2016-07-29
'Gleason' leaves a lot for us to fill in R 2016-07-29
'Indignation' is uneven but star Logan Lerman is a go-getter R 2016-07-29
'Star Trek Beyond' is consistently entertaining PG-13 2016-07-22
'Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You' is a testimonial to an icon Unrated 2016-07-22
'The Innocents': The subject of the film is more arresting than the movie PG-13 2016-07-15
'Café Society' is a mixed bag for all its smoothness PG-13 2016-07-15
In 'Ghostbusters,' character comedy is trampled by effects PG-13 2016-07-14
'The Infiltrator' lacks novelty but has nail-biting pizzazz R 2016-07-13
'Our Little Sister' is Chekhov lite but provokes smiles - 2016-07-08
'Life, Animated' depicts the extent to which love and caring can turn a life around PG 2016-07-08
Documentary 'Zero Days' is more frightening than anything Hollywood could come up with PG-13 2016-07-08
In 'The Legend of Tarzan,' Alexander Skarsgård looks at home in the jungle PG-13 2016-07-01
'Our Kind of Traitor' is diverting but not the best adaptation of Le Carré R 2016-07-01
'The BFG' never sustains liftoff PG 2016-07-01
'Free State of Jones' is powerful but lacks nuance R 2016-06-24
'Wiener-Dog': The central dachshund is more of a linking device than a character R 2016-06-24
'Les Cowboys' is more ambitious than successful R 2016-06-24
'Finding Dory' has rollicky moments, but 'Finding Nemo' was better PG 2016-06-17
'The Music of Strangers' shows how musicmaking can be salvation PG-13 2016-06-17
'Viktoria' milks its symbolism dry Unrated 2016-06-10
'Genius': The presentation of a writer's craft is pure Hollywood PG-13 2016-06-10
'Me Before You' signals its every move a mile away PG-13 2016-06-03
'Time to Choose': Climate change documentary has a hopeful tone Unrated 2016-06-03
'The Witness' is enlightening, though occasionally confusing Unrated 2016-06-02
'Presenting Princess Shaw' is about an improbable pairing that is ineffably right Unrated 2016-05-27
'Unlocking the Cage' makes a reasonable case for personhood for animals Unrated 2016-05-27
'X-Men: Apocalypse' storylines would have benefited from major pruning PG-13 2016-05-26
'Alice Through the Looking Glass' substitutes technological phantasmagoria for genuine wonderment PG 2016-05-26
'The Nice Guys' has garish violence and few laughs R 2016-05-20
'Weiner': The protagonist of the documentary remains something of a cipher R 2016-05-20
'Maggie's Plan': Some of it plays like a generic indie rom-com R 2016-05-20
'The Measure of a Man' is the powerful story of the quiet desperation of the economically dispossessed Unrated 2016-05-20
'A Monster With a Thousand Heads' is a political outcry Unrated 2016-05-20
'Money Monster' becomes an unintentional parody R 2016-05-13
'The Lobster' asks too much of viewers R 2016-05-13
'Dark Horse' is a slight but winning tale of unlikely success PG 2016-05-06
'Dheepan' is hard-hitting but has a contrived ending R 2016-05-06
'Captain America: Civil War' is too much of a pretty good thing PG-13 2016-05-05
'The Family Fang,' the story of an eccentric family, features impressive performances R 2016-04-29
'Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt' presents naysayers and supporters of the philosopher Unrated 2016-04-29
'The Man Who Knew Infinity' is tepid and disappointing PG-13 2016-04-29
'The Jungle Book' has extraordinary effects and wonderful voice talent PG 2016-04-15
'Notfilm' is a manic and meditative look at one of the great curiosities in film history Unrated 2016-04-15
'The Boss' is not worthy of star Melissa McCarthy R 2016-04-08
'Demolition' is a tour de force for Jake Gyllenhaal but the film isn't a success R 2016-04-08
'Francofonia' is occasionally juvenile but has a sinuous grace Unrated 2016-04-08
'My Golden Days' is too knowingly coy for its own good R 2016-04-01
'Miles Ahead': The biopic confuses anguish with artistry R 2016-04-01
'Born to Be Blue' is unsatisfying and fragmented Unrated 2016-03-25
'Fastball': The documentary could win over audiences who aren't baseball fans Unrated 2016-03-25
'Remember' is preposterous but Christopher Plummer brings pathos and dignity R 2016-03-18
'Sweet Bean' is a delicate little fable held together by actress Kirin Kiki Unrated 2016-03-18
'Lolo' is mildly enjoyable but meant to be funnier than it is Unrated 2016-03-11
'Marguerite' asks viewers to take a passion for music as a value in itself R 2016-03-11
'Knight of Cups': Director Terrence Malick's movies have become increasingly somnolent R 2016-03-04
'The Wave' has familiar disaster movie tropes in a Scandinavian setting R 2016-03-04
'Embrace of the Serpent': Director Ciro Guerra's technique can be meditative but also just vaporous Unrated 2016-02-26
'A War': The issues at stake are more complex than the film R 2016-02-19
'Deadpool' is less irreverent than self-congratulatory R 2016-02-12
'Mountains May Depart': The film's final section doesn't hold up to the rest Unrated 2016-02-12
'Hail, Caesar!' is sharp and amusing but a minor work by the Coen brothers PG-13 2016-02-05
'Rams' is a one-of-a-kind movie because of its unusual subject and shape-shifty tone R 2016-02-04
'Rabin, the Last Day' would be better without stiff reenactments Unrated 2016-01-29
'The Finest Hours' is a seafaring story that's resolutely old-fashioned PG-13 2016-01-29
'The Messenger': Its worthy ecocentric message can't hold a candle to the film's beauty Unrated 2016-01-22
'13 Hours' keeps the action at full throttle – for better or worse R 2016-01-15
'Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art' could have used more debate on what is truly art Unrated 2016-01-15
Orson Welles' 'Chimes at Midnight' is likely the greatest Shakespearean film ever Unrated 2016-01-06
'45 Years' has terrific acting, directing, and writing R 2015-12-30
'Anomalisa': Puppets are invested with a full range of human emotion R 2015-12-30
'The Hateful Eight' is overscaled and underfelt R 2015-12-24
'Concussion' doesn't have enough to say about the national obsession with football PG-13 2015-12-24
'The Revenant': The ultra-violent catalogue of horrors is over-the-top R 2015-12-24
'Joy' is full of whiplash changes in mood PG-13 2015-12-24
'Where to Invade Next' is kinder, gentler Michael Moore R 2015-12-23
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'Son of Saul' has powerful sequences but is too hypercontrolled R 2015-12-18
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is the best movie in the series since 'Empire Strikes Back' PG-13 2015-12-16
'In the Heart of the Sea' is serviceable but mostly unstirring PG-13 2015-12-11
'Boy & the World' is a wonderment PG 2015-12-11
'The Big Short' is entertaining but has a kid-glove attitude toward amorality R 2015-12-11
'Macbeth': Director Justin Kurzel is big on bluster and broadsword battles R 2015-12-04
'Youth': Director Paolo Sorrentino's magic is all smoke and mirrors R 2015-12-04
'The Lady in the Van' is a showcase for a great performance by Maggie Smith PG-13 2015-12-04
'The Danish Girl': The protagonist remains something of a mystery R 2015-11-27
'In Jackson Heights' is a marvelous look at the clash and glory of human diversity Unrated 2015-11-27
'The Good Dinosaur': The script is functional, the animation is not memorable PG 2015-11-25
'Carol' is carefully appointed outside, chilly inside R 2015-11-20
'Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words' is a comprehensive portrait of the actress's life Unrated 2015-11-20
'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2': Actress Jennifer Lawrence is still formidable PG-13 2015-11-19
'The 33' unearths several thousand tons of clichés PG-13 2015-11-13
'By the Sea' is a snooze that doesn't do its co-stars any favors R 2015-11-13
'Song of Lahore' doesn't acknowledge musicians' sacrifices PG 2015-11-13
'Frame By Frame' is an excellent look at how photojournalism can change the world Unrated 2015-11-13
'Spotlight' is hard-hitting but has too many journalism tropes R 2015-11-06
'Spectre' references old Bond movies without a fresh spin (+video) PG-13 2015-11-06
'Brooklyn' is wonderfully heartwarming and vibrant PG-13 2015-11-04