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Title MPAA Rating Monitor Rating Review Date
'Focus' seems more like a travelogue than a caper film R 2015-02-27
'The Salvation': For western fans, watching this movie is like encountering an old friend R 2015-02-27
''71' is an effective thriller but sometimes too evenhanded R 2015-02-27
'McFarland, USA': Star Kevin Costner is excellent as a high school coach (+video) PG 2015-02-20
'Wild Tales': Some of the stories are first-rate, others are misfires R 2015-02-20
'Queen and Country' is less audacious than its predecessor 'Hope and Glory' Unrated 2015-02-20
'Kingsman: The Secret Service': Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious as the villain R 2015-02-13
'Ballet 422': The graceful documentary wisely focuses on the rehearsal process PG 2015-02-13
'Gett' is powerful and doesn't demonize any of its characters Unrated 2015-02-13
'Fifty Shades of Grey': The movie takes itself far too seriously R 2015-02-12
'Mommy' is mostly gaudy shout-fests R 2015-02-06
'Timbuktu' gives jihadists a human face PG-13 2015-02-06
'Jupiter Ascending': The nutty movie isn't exactly 'The Matrix' PG-13 2015-02-05
'Black Sea': The submarine movie is full of clichés R 2015-01-30
'Red Army' is a lively documentary about the famous Soviet hockey team PG 2015-01-30
'Cake,' starring Jennifer Aniston, could have used more layers R 2015-01-23
'Winter Sleep' is a magnificent film that recalls Chekhov and Eugene O'Neill Unrated 2015-01-23
'Blackhat' shows it isn't easy dramatizing cyber intrigue R 2015-01-16
'The Humbling' is a marvelous black comedy with deadpan flair R 2015-01-16
'Song of the Sea,' an animated feature from Ireland, has transcendent imagery PG 2015-01-09
'Two Days, One Night' deftly offers up a microcosm of an entire working-class contingent PG-13 2015-01-09
Despite fine acting, 'A Most Violent Year' lacks some punch R 2014-12-31
'Leviathan' goes deep on man versus state in modern Russia R 2014-12-31
'The Interview' is a political comedy that's neither political nor funny R 2014-12-26
'Into the Woods,' starring Meryl Streep, stays true to stage version PG 2014-12-24
'Unbroken': Angelina Jolie's direction is too conventional for such a harrowing story PG-13 2014-12-24
'American Sniper' as taut as anything Clint Eastwood has ever directed R 2014-12-24
'Big Eyes' doesn't probe allure of the art PG-13 2014-12-24
'Selma' shows Martin Luther King, Jr. was flawed, yet focused PG-13 2014-12-24
'Mr. Turner': The protagonist is only a caricature R 2014-12-19
'Annie' eerily ignores the current rich/poor divide (+video) PG 2014-12-19
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'Exodus: Gods and Kings' isn't satisfying in its epic scope or its religiosity (+video) PG-13 2014-12-12
'Top Five' is ostensibly soul-deep but needs more than smirks and scowls R 2014-12-12
'Inherent Vice' misses the yearning and despair inside noirish shenanigans R 2014-12-12
'Still Alice' skimps on other characters besides the protagonist PG-13 2014-12-05
'Wild': Actress Reese Witherspoon delivers an impressive performance R 2014-12-03
'Once Upon a Time, Veronica' is a bit dissolute and daffy Unrated 2014-11-28
'The Imitation Game': Benedict Cumberbatch's performance is more interesting than the movie (+video) PG-13 2014-11-28
'The Tale of Princess Kaguya' is a near masterpiece PG 2014-11-21
'National Gallery' is a remarkable film about the experience of art in all its manifestations Unrated 2014-11-21
'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1': Just a placeholder until grand finale PG-13 2014-11-20
'Rosewater': The mind games between interrogator and prisoner are mildly engrossing R 2014-11-14
'Foxcatcher': Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo are extraordinary R 2014-11-14
'The Theory of Everything': See the Stephen Hawking biopic for actor Eddie Redmayne PG-13 2014-11-07
'Interstellar' is an unwieldy mix of the dystopian and utopian (+video) PG-13 2014-11-04
'Nightcrawler' actor Jake Gyllenhaal is great, but the movie's conception is off R 2014-10-31
'The Overnighters' examines a town that became a magnet for the jobless PG-13 2014-10-31
'Laggies': The aim of the film starring Keira Knightley isn't always clear R 2014-10-24
'Force Majeure' is a superb exploration of the consequences of male weakness R 2014-10-24
'Citizenfour': Director Laura Poitras shares the rage of her subject Edward Snowden Unrated 2014-10-24
'Watchers of the Sky' looks at high-profile figures working against genocide Unrated 2014-10-17
'Fury' is a solid World War II movie throwback R 2014-10-17
'Diplomacy': The World War II tale makes you feel the stakes Unrated 2014-10-16
'Birdman' wavers tonally and embraces self-actualization cliches R 2014-10-16
'Kill the Messenger' star Jeremy Renner delivers a memorable performance R 2014-10-10
'The Judge': The plot offers no surprises R 2014-10-10
'Whiplash': An instructor's 'tough love' is more disturbing than anything R 2014-10-10
'St. Vincent': The movie presses all the buttons for tears PG-13 2014-10-10
'The Blue Room' is an art film wannabe Unrated 2014-10-03
'Gone Girl': The movie doesn't move beyond the formulaic (+video) R 2014-10-03
'Keep on Keepin' On' focuses on life in music and the joy it can bring - 2014-10-03
'The Decent One': The documentary about Heinrich Himmler is excruciating - 2014-10-01
'The Two Faces of January': The noir movie has an unsettling plot PG-13 2014-09-26
'I Am Eleven': The documentary is a paean to an innocent age Unrated 2014-09-26
'The Equalizer': The hero's invincibility becomes a little silly R 2014-09-26
'Fort Bliss' needs to more fully examine its protagonist's conflicts Unrated 2014-09-19
'The Green Prince' focuses on the relationship between a Palestinian spy for Israel and his handler PG-13 2014-09-19
'My Old Lady' is smoothly directed and rings true emotionally (+video) - 2014-09-10
'The Congress' has a transcendent spookiness Unrated 2014-09-05
'The Master Builder' is powerful but somewhat problematic Unrated 2014-09-05
'Through A Lens Darkly': The documentary has extraordinary imagery of African-Americans through history Unrated 2014-08-29
'The Notebook' is alternately powerful and perplexing R 2014-08-29
'Love Is Strange' actors John Lithgow and Alfred Molina overcome a contrived plot R 2014-08-22
'The Trip to Italy' is incredibly funny and a worthwhile sequel Unrated 2014-08-22
'The Giver' is unduly do-goody and drab PG-13 2014-08-15
'What If,' a romantic comedy, is too satisfied with its cuteness PG-13 2014-08-08
'Deepsea Challenge 3D' finds director James Cameron exploring the ocean floor PG 2014-08-08
'The Hundred-Foot Journey' is predictable but comforting (+video) PG 2014-08-08
'Rabindranath Tagore: The Poet of Eternity' is more of a tutorial than a living history Unrated 2014-08-01
'Happy Christmas': The conflicts never come to a full boil R 2014-08-01
'Calvary' is just a whodunit with pseudo-biblical pretensions R 2014-08-01
'Get On Up': Chadwick Boseman does commendable job portraying James Brown PG-13 2014-08-01
'And So It Goes' is a generic romantic comedy PG-13 2014-07-25
'A Most Wanted Man' features a fully rounded performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman R 2014-07-25
'Magic in the Moonlight': Woody Allen explores reason versus mysticism (+video) PG-13 2014-07-25
'Lucy': Even the supersmart protagonist probably couldn't explain this movie (+video) R 2014-07-25
'Wish I Was Here' features a great performance by Kate Hudson R 2014-07-18
'I Origins' gives the trope of 'Don't play God' a fresh twist R 2014-07-18
'Bound by Flesh' reopens an almost forgotten chapter of showbiz Unrated 2014-07-18
'A Summer's Tale' is a story of the vagaries of young love G 2014-07-18
'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' is a thinking person's fantasy film PG-13 2014-07-11
'Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger' examines the Boston mob boss's life R 2014-07-11
'The Pleasures of Being Out of Step': The documentary details the varied career of writer Nat Hentoff Unrated 2014-07-11
'Boyhood' shows that director Richard Linklater is the most gifted director of his generation R 2014-07-11
'Venus in Fur' is alluringly creepy but wears thin Unrated 2014-07-04
'Life Itself' tells the story of legendary film critic Roger Ebert R 2014-07-04
Kathy Bates stars in 'Tammy': The movie is too sappy once its characters hit the road R 2014-07-02
'Transformers: Age of Extinction': Director Michael Bay is better at bots than people PG-13 2014-06-27
'A Hard Day's Night': A re-release shows the movie has lost none of its joy G 2014-06-27
Keira Knightley movie 'Begin Again' is a glorified retread of director John Carney's film 'Once' R 2014-06-27
'Third Person': The interlocking of multiple stories is more confusing than illuminating R 2014-06-20
'The Rover': Actor Robert Pattinson is a welcome presence in the story R 2014-06-20
'Jersey Boys' has just about every showbiz cliché R 2014-06-20
'The Last Sentence' rises above the standard limitations of a biopic Unrated 2014-06-20
'How to Train Your Dragon 2' is overly busy but emotionally powerful PG 2014-06-13
'Korengal' focuses on the postwar lives of a combat team from Afghanistan R 2014-06-13
'The Ivory Tower' examines the rising cost of college in America Unrated 2014-06-13
'Violette' centers on a French writer's enigmatic art and life Unrated 2014-06-13
'Walking the Camino' follows spiritual journeys along the road to Compostel Unrated 2014-06-06
'Trust Me': Actor Clark Gregg's sleazy agent is also intensely sympathetic R 2014-06-06
'The Fault in Our Stars' tries to be both dreamy and hard-hitting PG-13 2014-06-06
'Edge of Tomorrow' features Tom Cruise's best performance in some time PG-13 2014-06-06
'Maleficent': Angelina Jolie is great, but the movie is lackluster PG 2014-05-30
'A Million Ways to Die in the West' has hit-or-miss comedy R 2014-05-30
'We Are the Best!' is a funny, happy movie about adolescents Unrated 2014-05-30
'Night Moves' is a psychological drama that keeps the tension running high R 2014-05-30
'Blended' is sluggish and predictable PG-13 2014-05-23
'The Love Punch' actress Emma Thompson makes the movie tolerable PG-13 2014-05-23
'Words and Pictures': Actors Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche triumph over plot contrivances PG-13 2014-05-23
'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is witty and has dynamic action scenes (+video) PG-13 2014-05-22
'Godzilla' is a disappointing monster movie PG-13 2014-05-16
'Million Dollar Arm' keeps the audience engaged despite its predictability PG 2014-05-16
'The Immigrant' is uneven but often extraordinary R 2014-05-16
'Neighbors' is just another gross-out comedy R 2014-05-09
'Chef' has lively behind-the-scenes food shenanigans R 2014-05-09
'Fed Up': Documentary details the dangers of sugar PG 2014-05-09
'Cyber-Seniors' shows an elating exchange between senior citizens and teens Unrated 2014-05-09
'Ida' is a compelling search for answers in postwar Poland PG-13 2014-05-02
'Farmland' aims to inform about food sources, but much of the movie is dry Unrated 2014-05-02
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' is repetitive, but Andrew Garfield remains a believable hero (+video) PG-13 2014-05-01
'Young and Beautiful,' the story of a teenage prostitute, is unnervingly dispassionate Unrated 2014-04-25
'Walking With the Enemy' has inspirational origins, but the movie is dramatically inert PG-13 2014-04-25
'The German Doctor' is underplayed, which makes it even scarier PG-13 2014-04-25
Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz star in 'The Other Woman,' in which every gag is milked dry PG-13 2014-04-25
'Transcendence': Not a transcendent movie experience PG-13 2014-04-18
'Hateship Loveship': Audience expectations are constantly upended R 2014-04-11
'Only Lovers Left Alive' is a languorous vampire tale R 2014-04-11
'The Railway Man': Colin Firth portrays a former POW who confronts an enemy R 2014-04-11
'Alan Partridge' has good and bad gags, but the good ones are worth waiting for R 2014-04-04
'The Unknown Known' has nothing new from Donald Rumsfeld PG-13 2014-04-04
'The Galápagos Affair' is a documentary that plays like strange fiction Unrated 2014-04-04
Scarlett Johansson in 'Under the Skin': The film about an alien is boring R 2014-04-04
'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' is topical with nimble action scenes (+video) PG-13 2014-04-03
'Noah': The biblical epic isn't stodgy, but that doesn't mean it's good (+video) PG-13 2014-03-31
'Cesar Chavez': The biopic is a little too dutiful PG-13 2014-03-28
'Finding Vivian Maier' artfully reveals a fame-dodging artist Unrated 2014-03-28
'Enemy' finds Jake Gyllenhaal doing double duty R 2014-03-21
'On My Way': Catherine Deneuve portrays a faded beauty on a road trip Unrated 2014-03-21
'Ernest and Celestine' is a dreamlike, sweet animated feature PG 2014-03-14
'Le Week-End' is a slog through marital dysfunction R 2014-03-14
'Bad Words,' a spelling bee comedy, features a tiptop cast R 2014-03-14
'Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me' is an enjoyably fawning documentary Unrated 2014-03-07
'Bethlehem' is powerful because of the violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict it depicts Unrated 2014-03-07
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' has old-world melancholy R 2014-03-07
'Particle Fever,' a terrific documentary, demonstrates that science is the most human of activities Unrated 2014-03-07
'Non-Stop' is entertaining but disposable PG-13 2014-02-28
'Omar' is a heavy-handed political thriller Unrated 2014-02-28
'The Lunchbox' is a sweet Mumbai romance deftly directed by Ritesh Batra PG 2014-02-28
'Child's Pose' makes a mother's intensity extremely vivid Unrated 2014-02-21
'Winter's Tale' has impressive period detail but overly mushy romance PG-13 2014-02-14
'The Last of the Unjust' probes a historical horror PG-13 2014-02-14
'The Tightrope' shows a master of stagecraft uncloaked Unrated 2014-02-07
'The Monuments Men' is lackluster despite a great premise and cast PG-13 2014-02-07
'Labor Day' is engagingly sappy PG-13 2014-01-31
'12 O'Clock Boys' takes viewers inside a notorious dirt-bike pack Unrated 2014-01-31
'Visitors': The images-only movie is, for better or for worse, completely original Unrated 2014-01-24
'Gloria': The starting-over story features a star turn R 2014-01-24
'Like Father, Like Son' cuts to the heart of what it means to be a parent Unrated 2014-01-17
'Lone Survivor' lacks depth or political examination R 2014-01-10
'In Bloom' is a story of coming of age in ex-Soviet Georgia Unrated 2014-01-10
'The Past' delves into the intricacies of a difficult family situation PG-13 2014-01-03
'The Invisible Woman,' the story of Dickens and his mistress, does justice to its complex characters R 2014-01-03
'August: Osage County': The film's dysfunctional family is over-the-top R 2013-12-25
'The Wolf of Wall Street' never gets inside the head of its protagonist R 2013-12-25
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'Anchorman 2' is full of too-obvious humor PG-13 2013-12-18
'Her,' which examines love and technology, is incredibly timely R 2013-12-18
'American Hustle' is enjoyably offbeat but goes on too long R 2013-12-13
'Saving Mr. Banks' star Emma Thompson is the highlight of the film PG-13 2013-12-13
'Narco Cultura' examines the glamorization through music of Mexico's drug lords R 2013-12-13
'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' will win over Tolkien fans and newbies alike (+video) PG-13 2013-12-12
'Tim's Vermeer' is a fascinating story about the artistic process (+video) Unrated 2013-12-05
'Inside Llewyn Davis,' the story of a troubled troubadour, is one of the Coen brothers' best (+video) R 2013-12-05
'Out of the Furnace' tries to speak to our times but falls short R 2013-12-04
'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' is a little too staid PG-13 2013-11-29
'These Birds Walk' honors the humanity of Pakistanis' daily struggle Unrated 2013-11-29
'Oldboy': The performances are over-the-top but underfelt R 2013-11-27
'The Great Beauty': The film's melancholy and partying both feel forced Unrated 2013-11-22
'Philomena' is elevated by actors Judi Dench and Steve Coogan PG-13 2013-11-22
'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' is even better than the first film (+video) PG-13 2013-11-21
'Aftermath' stages its Holocaust tale like a horror movie Unrated 2013-11-15
'Nebraska,' directed by Alexander Payne, veers into caricature R 2013-11-15
'Thor: The Dark World' has lost the spark of the original PG-13 2013-11-08
'The Wind Rises' is beautiful but conceptually muddled PG-13 2013-11-08
'At Berkeley' opens the door to a kaleidoscopic learning lab Unrated 2013-11-08
'The Book Thief' is a respectable but dull adaptation of the hit novel PG-13 2013-11-08
'Dallas Buyers Club' features remarkable performances by Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto R 2013-11-01
De Niro, Kline, Freeman, and Douglas star in 'Last Vegas' (+video) PG-13 2013-11-01
'About Time': Time travel makes the central romance a little creepy R 2013-11-01