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A year of Monitor movie reviews.

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Title MPAA Rating Monitor Rating Review Date
'Transcendence': Not a transcendent movie experience PG-13 2014-04-18
'Hateship Loveship': Audience expectations are constantly upended R 2014-04-11
'Only Lovers Left Alive' is a languorous vampire tale R 2014-04-11
'The Railway Man': Colin Firth portrays a former POW who confronts an enemy R 2014-04-11
'Alan Partridge' has good and bad gags, but the good ones are worth waiting for R 2014-04-04
'The Unknown Known' has nothing new from Donald Rumsfeld PG-13 2014-04-04
'The Galápagos Affair' is a documentary that plays like strange fiction Unrated 2014-04-04
Scarlett Johansson in 'Under the Skin': The film about an alien is boring R 2014-04-04
'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' is topical with nimble action scenes (+video) PG-13 2014-04-03
'Noah': The biblical epic isn't stodgy, but that doesn't mean it's good (+video) PG-13 2014-03-31
'Cesar Chavez': The biopic is a little too dutiful PG-13 2014-03-28
'Finding Vivian Maier' artfully reveals a fame-dodging artist Unrated 2014-03-28
'Enemy' finds Jake Gyllenhaal doing double duty R 2014-03-21
'On My Way': Catherine Deneuve portrays a faded beauty on a road trip Unrated 2014-03-21
'Ernest and Celestine' is a dreamlike, sweet animated feature PG 2014-03-14
'Le Week-End' is a slog through marital dysfunction R 2014-03-14
'Bad Words,' a spelling bee comedy, features a tiptop cast R 2014-03-14
'Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me' is an enjoyably fawning documentary Unrated 2014-03-07
'Bethlehem' is powerful because of the violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict it depicts Unrated 2014-03-07
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' has old-world melancholy R 2014-03-07
'Particle Fever,' a terrific documentary, demonstrates that science is the most human of activities Unrated 2014-03-07
'Non-Stop' is entertaining but disposable PG-13 2014-02-28
'Omar' is a heavy-handed political thriller Unrated 2014-02-28
'The Lunchbox' is a sweet Mumbai romance deftly directed by Ritesh Batra PG 2014-02-28
'Child's Pose' makes a mother's intensity extremely vivid Unrated 2014-02-21
'Winter's Tale' has impressive period detail but overly mushy romance PG-13 2014-02-14
'The Last of the Unjust' probes a historical horror PG-13 2014-02-14
'The Tightrope' shows a master of stagecraft uncloaked Unrated 2014-02-07
'The Monuments Men' is lackluster despite a great premise and cast PG-13 2014-02-07
'Labor Day' is engagingly sappy PG-13 2014-01-31
'12 O'Clock Boys' takes viewers inside a notorious dirt-bike pack Unrated 2014-01-31
'Visitors': The images-only movie is, for better or for worse, completely original Unrated 2014-01-24
'Gloria': The starting-over story features a star turn R 2014-01-24
'Like Father, Like Son' cuts to the heart of what it means to be a parent Unrated 2014-01-17
'Lone Survivor' lacks depth or political examination R 2014-01-10
'In Bloom' is a story of coming of age in ex-Soviet Georgia Unrated 2014-01-10
'The Past' delves into the intricacies of a difficult family situation PG-13 2014-01-03
'The Invisible Woman,' the story of Dickens and his mistress, does justice to its complex characters R 2014-01-03
'August: Osage County': The film's dysfunctional family is over-the-top R 2013-12-25
'The Wolf of Wall Street' never gets inside the head of its protagonist R 2013-12-25
The 10 best movies of 2013: Our critic's picks - 2013-12-20
'Anchorman 2' is full of too-obvious humor PG-13 2013-12-18
'Her,' which examines love and technology, is incredibly timely R 2013-12-18
'American Hustle' is enjoyably offbeat but goes on too long R 2013-12-13
'Saving Mr. Banks' star Emma Thompson is the highlight of the film PG-13 2013-12-13
'Narco Cultura' examines the glamorization through music of Mexico's drug lords R 2013-12-13
'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' will win over Tolkien fans and newbies alike (+video) PG-13 2013-12-12
'Tim's Vermeer' is a fascinating story about the artistic process (+video) Unrated 2013-12-05
'Inside Llewyn Davis,' the story of a troubled troubadour, is one of the Coen brothers' best (+video) R 2013-12-05
'Out of the Furnace' tries to speak to our times but falls short R 2013-12-04
'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' is a little too staid PG-13 2013-11-29
'These Birds Walk' honors the humanity of Pakistanis' daily struggle Unrated 2013-11-29
'Oldboy': The performances are over-the-top but underfelt R 2013-11-27
'The Great Beauty': The film's melancholy and partying both feel forced Unrated 2013-11-22
'Philomena' is elevated by actors Judi Dench and Steve Coogan PG-13 2013-11-22
'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' is even better than the first film (+video) PG-13 2013-11-21
'Aftermath' stages its Holocaust tale like a horror movie Unrated 2013-11-15
'Nebraska,' directed by Alexander Payne, veers into caricature R 2013-11-15
'Thor: The Dark World' has lost the spark of the original PG-13 2013-11-08
'The Wind Rises' is beautiful but conceptually muddled PG-13 2013-11-08
'At Berkeley' opens the door to a kaleidoscopic learning lab Unrated 2013-11-08
'The Book Thief' is a respectable but dull adaptation of the hit novel PG-13 2013-11-08
'Dallas Buyers Club' features remarkable performances by Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto R 2013-11-01
De Niro, Kline, Freeman, and Douglas star in 'Last Vegas' (+video) PG-13 2013-11-01
'About Time': Time travel makes the central romance a little creepy R 2013-11-01
'The Square' unveils some of the faces behind Cairo's Tahrir uprising Unrated 2013-11-01
'Blue is the Warmest Color' is a remarkable but exasperating love story NC-17 2013-10-25
Daniel Radcliffe is the primary reason to see 'Kill Your Darlings' R 2013-10-25
'American Promise' chronicles the diverging paths of two African-American teenagers Unrated 2013-10-25
'Carrie' focuses on the girl-power aspect of Stephen King's story R 2013-10-18
'12 Years a Slave' is a necessary, if stiff, look at the history of slavery R 2013-10-18
'All Is Lost' charts the saga of a stoic survivor PG-13 2013-10-18
'The Fifth Estate' tries too hard to tell the audience what to think of Julian Assange R 2013-10-18
'Romeo and Juliet' lacks heat and romance (+video) PG-13 2013-10-11
'Captain Phillips' is some of Tom Hanks' most powerful acting ever (+video) PG-13 2013-10-11
'Linsanity' is an only-in-America success story PG 2013-10-04
'The Summit' should more fully explore what drives mountain climbers R 2013-10-04
'Gravity' goes galactic with effects PG-13 2013-10-04
'Don Jon' starts off promisingly but becomes too sappy R 2013-09-27
'Mother of George' is a deep look at a couple struggling to conceive R 2013-09-27
'Inequality for All' is a compelling class lecture on the US economy PG 2013-09-27
'Thanks for Sharing' is worth seeing just for Mark Ruffalo's performance R 2013-09-20
'Rush' overemphasizes the differences between two auto racing rivals R 2013-09-20
'The Muslims Are Coming!' often derails into irrelevancy Unrated 2013-09-20
'Prisoners' is too obvious with its message R 2013-09-20
'Enough Said': James Gandolfini is the best part of the romantic comedy (+video) PG-13 2013-09-18
'My Father and The Man In Black' examines Johnny Cash's manager and the star he worked for Unrated 2013-09-13
'Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction' is a close look at a quiet actor Unrated 2013-09-13
'Our Nixon' presents new but mostly unsurprising footage of the president Unrated 2013-09-06
'Salinger' chases a recluse out of the shadows PG-13 2013-09-06
Appreciation: the lyrical works of an Indian master - 2013-08-30
'The Grandmaster' tells the story of real-life kung fu innovator Ip Man PG-13 2013-08-23
'The Patience Stone' delves into more than just love during wartime R 2013-08-23
'Cutie and the Boxer' follows two married artists and their struggles R 2013-08-16
The strength of 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' lies with its actors R 2013-08-16
'Lee Daniels' The Butler' is too ambitious but some moments hit home PG-13 2013-08-16
'Planes' doesn't reach the creative heights of a Pixar movie PG 2013-08-09
'Computer Chess' shows real affection for its subjects Unrated 2013-08-09
'The Gardener' examines religion in Israel Unrated 2013-08-09
In 'Elysium,' the director overdoes the effects R 2013-08-09
'We're the Millers' is too bland to be entertaining (+video) R 2013-08-07
'2 Guns' has a none-too-original premise R 2013-08-02
'The Spectacular Now' is often better than the average teen coming-of-age drama R 2013-08-02
'The Artist and the Model' weds lushness, innocence R 2013-08-02
'The Act of Killing' has a repellant film conceit Unrated 2013-07-26
'Blue Jasmine,' Woody Allen's sister saga, sends up the 1 percenters PG-13 2013-07-26
'The Wolverine' makes its hero more interesting than in past installments PG-13 2013-07-26
'Red 2': A little of oldsters in action movies goes a long way (+video) PG-13 2013-07-19
'Girl Most Likely' suffers from quirky-overload PG-13 2013-07-19
'Blackfish' centers on the dangers of orcas in captivity PG-13 2013-07-19
'Still Mine' unwraps a close couple's late-life love PG-13 2013-07-19
'Pacific Rim' is only boring battles PG-13 2013-07-12
In 'The Hunt,' the persecution of a teacher has a few plot holes R 2013-07-12
'Fruitvale Station,' moving but flawed, misses its stop R 2013-07-12
'The Lone Ranger' is wit-free and derivative PG-13 2013-07-02
'The Heat': A little of stars Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock goes a long way R 2013-06-28
'White House Down' has lots of action to little effect PG-13 2013-06-28
'I'm So Excited,' a comedy about a transatlantic flight, never launches R 2013-06-28
'The Attack' reaches for a rare Mideast neutral R 2013-06-28
'Man of Steel' in a cynical age - 2013-06-25
'A Hijacking' navigates high tension on high seas R 2013-06-21
'Unfinished Song' leaves no tear duct untapped PG-13 2013-06-21
'Monsters University' is a funny prequel with a good life lesson G 2013-06-21
'World War Z' quickly reaches zombie overload PG-13 2013-06-21
'The Bling Ring' needs to examine the cost of its characters' criminal exploits more deeply R 2013-06-14
'20 Feet From Stardom' is a fascinating look at backup singers PG-13 2013-06-14
'Man of Steel' never gets off the ground PG-13 2013-06-13
'The Internship' doesn't make good on its promising storyline PG-13 2013-06-07
'Dirty Wars' is a study of national security practices that need exposing Unrated 2013-06-07
'Much Ado' is a legitimately entertaining Shakespeare adaptation PG-13 2013-06-07
'The Kings of Summer' sinks into a cliché coming-of-age story (+video) R 2013-05-31
'Fill the Void' probes loyalty and desire (+video) PG 2013-05-31
'Now You See Me' has a great premise but doesn't follow through (+video) PG-13 2013-05-31
'After Earth' finds its heroes battling against an awkward screenplay (+video) PG-13 2013-05-31
'Epic' has entertaining voice actors but ho-hum visuals PG 2013-05-24
'We Steal Secrets' is more exciting than most fictional Hollywood thrillers Unrated 2013-05-24
'Before Midnight' is the richest movie of director Richard Linklater's romantic trilogy R 2013-05-24
'The Hangover Part III' shows the series has worn out its welcome R 2013-05-23
'The English Teacher' could benefit from being a bit more daring R 2013-05-17
'Frances Ha' star Greta Gerwig is always worth watching R 2013-05-17
'Stories We Tell' focuses on a family's varied versions of their history PG-13 2013-05-17
'Star Trek Into Darkness' is a satisfying sequel (+video) PG-13 2013-05-16
'Peeples' is clunky, but star Craig Robinson is entertaining PG-13 2013-05-10
'Venus and Serena' has fascinating then-and-now footage PG-13 2013-05-10
'The Great Gatsby' is an over-the-top misfire PG-13 2013-05-09
'Iron Man 3' is all action match-ups PG-13 2013-05-03
'Midnight's Children' tells Salman Rushdie's story of a pair of Indian boys switched at birth Unrated 2013-05-03
'Something in the Air' shows that revolutionaries like comforts as much as the ruling class Unrated 2013-05-03
'What Maisie Knew' gives Henry James a New York spin R 2013-05-03
'In the House' has a great premise but fails to fully explore its plot R 2013-04-26
'To the Wonder' is director Terrence Malick at his most incomprehensible R 2013-04-26
'Arthur Newman' has a dreary plot despite its star leads R 2013-04-26
'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' has a great cast and timely story R 2013-04-26
'Pain & Gain' never comes to life R 2013-04-26
'42' is a dull treatment of Jackie Robinson's story PG-13 2013-04-12
'The Angels' Share' is an odd mix of frivolous and socially conscious Unrated 2013-04-12
'Trance' tries to fit into too many genres R 2013-04-05
'Room 237' examines possible hidden meanings in 'The Shining' Unrated 2013-04-05
'The Company You Keep' never quite figures out what it wants to be R 2013-04-05
'From Up on Poppy Hill,' an animated film by Miyazaki's son Goro, is a must-see PG 2013-03-29
'Renoir' explores the final chapter in the life of the Impressionist R 2013-03-29
'Reality' examines the dangers of celebrity worship R 2013-03-22
Tina Fey and Paul Rudd star in 'Admission' PG-13 2013-03-22
'Gimme the Loot' mines class, race and friendship Unrated 2013-03-15
'War Witch' brings the plight of an African child soldier to horrifying life Unrated 2013-03-08
'Beyond the Hills' follows two women's broken relationship Unrated 2013-03-08
'Oz The Great and Powerful' is less than magical (+video) PG 2013-03-08
'A Place at the Table' makes a persuasive case for why millions are going without food PG 2013-03-01
'Stoker' employs cinematic tricks that don't impress R 2013-03-01
'Jack the Giant Slayer' is more ho-hum than fee-fi-fo-fum PG-13 2013-03-01
'Bless Me, Ultima' has moments where its magical realism shines PG-13 2013-02-22
'Caesar Must Die' is powerful and moving Unrated 2013-02-22
A (long) day at the cinema - 2013-02-20
'No' aims to put viewers in the middle of Chilean politics R 2013-02-15
'Like Someone in Love' is a little too lightweight Unrated 2013-02-15
'Safe Haven' is a sudsy-scary weepfest PG-13 2013-02-14
'A Good Day to Die Hard' makes John McClane a little too invincible (+video) R 2013-02-14
'Beautiful Creatures' plays its supernatural story too straight PG-13 2013-02-14
'Ferlinghetti' explores the remarkable life of the poet-painter-activist Unrated 2013-02-08
'Lore' features an unusual and absorbing heroine Unrated 2013-02-08
'Side Effects' is a middling effort from director Steven Soderbergh R 2013-02-08
Melissa McCarthy's film 'Identity Thief' is the furthest thing from funny R 2013-02-08
'The Gatekeepers' is an eye-opening look at Israel's past – and possibly its future PG-13 2013-02-01
Sundance 2013: Documentaries shine in Utah - 2013-01-25
Rob Lowe plays a high-powered political fixer in 'Knife Fight' Unrated 2013-01-25
'Birders: The Central Park Effect' aims to make birdwatching cool Unrated 2013-01-18
Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star in 'The Impossible' PG-13 2013-01-18
Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe face off in 'Broken City' R 2013-01-18
Sean Penn plays a mobster with twisted relish in 'Gangster Squad' (+trailer) R 2013-01-11
Maggie Smith stars in 'Quartet' (+video) PG-13 2013-01-11
'56 Up' is a telling human saga Unrated 2013-01-04
Matt Damon and John Krasinski star in 'Promised Land' R 2013-01-04
Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' is entertaining, but the same old schtick R 2012-12-25
'Les Misérables' features great acting as well as singing PG-13 2012-12-25
Tom Cruise works as tough guy 'Jack Reacher' R 2012-12-21
Kristen Stewart stars in 'On the Road' R 2012-12-21
James Gandolfini stars in 'Not Fade Away' R 2012-12-21
'This Is 40': A mixed bag, but a fun one (+trailer) R 2012-12-21
Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand star in 'The Guilt Trip' (+video) PG-13 2012-12-19
'Amour' is a moving film but is perhaps unintentionally uncomfortable (+trailer) PG-13 2012-12-19