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Appraising mutual fund

I'm single, a serviceman with a little cash left over each month, and I want to invest for retirement. I have invested $10,000 in a load mutual fund and regularly add another $150 monthly. I pay about $6 in charges. If I sold out now after three years, I would be about even. Should I stick with this fund or pull out and invest in a more attractive stock? Would no-load funds be better? D. B.

Since your mutual fund is a growth-oriented fund and you have paid the sales charge up front, I suggest leaving your invested funds there. However, I suggest you find another fund, preferably a no-load fund for continuing investments. You will need at least $1,000 to open a new fund, but there are no sales charges. Write to the No-Load Mutual Fund Assn., Valley Forge, Pa. 19481 for their directory. From the list of growth stock funds, write to several for a prospectus and application from each. After you study the prospectuses, pick a fund. When you have accumulated the $1,000 (or other initial deposit), complete the application and send your cash to the custod ian bank.

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