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A door to freedom

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If someone told you there was a door through which you could pass that could change your whole life for the better, would you want to open it and go inside? There is such a door, and it can usually be found in a very accessible part of any city.

Have you ever seen the sign, "Christian Science Reading Room"? Have you ever stopped at the window to read? It wouldn't be at all unlikely to find there the words of Christ Jesus, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." n1

n1 Matthew 11:28.

Anyone with a perplexing problem such as sickness, drug addiction, lack of money or a job, an unhappy relationship, or concern about world affairs can step inside this peaceful sanctuary. All -- with problems or not -- are welcome to come in for spiritual refreshment. The attendants on duty are more than happy to explain to a newcomer what helps are available in his or her quest for enlightenment. To know more about God is everyone's great need. Solutions can be discovered through quiet listening. We can, with complete confidence, expect to find health, harmony, and right answers through our communion with God. This communion is true prayer. Biblical history is filled with accounts of men and women who claimed their freedom from all sorts of trials through prayer. So we need never think our particular problem is beyond God's power to solve, because God empowers man with right ideas, right direction. The ever-present Christ, God's messenger to human consciousness, reveals the healing truth we need.


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