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Baseball's longest-running soap opera returns to New York

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To paraphrase one of Billy Martin's more famous statements, he and George Steinbrenner deserve each other: one is a born troublemaker and the other has given us 10 years of prima facie evidence that he loves and needs such turmoil.

Looking at it that way, it's easy to see why the New York Yankee owner decided that the controversial manager he had already fired twice was still the one he really wanted after all.

As a man with an ego that obviously needs continuous feeding, Steinbrenner craves all those headlines in the New York tabloids, the spots on the TV news, and the constant reassurance that both he and his team are the center of attention. As a businessman he is always looking for ways to increase attendance. As a sportsman he naturally wants to win. And in teaming up with Martin - despite the virtual certainty that this third ''marriage'' will sooner or later end the same way the first two did - George knows he will get most of these things and maybe even all of them.

The headlines began right away, of course, following the showbiz-style press conference at which Steinbrenner introduced his once-and-future manager. Both men were in their best TV commercial form as they went through a well-rehearsed mock argument and later staged it again for any cameras that might have missed it the first time around.

Martin, standing in front of a battery of microphones at Yankee Stadium, explained with a straight face that he expected things to run more smoothly this time because he would be handling all the trades.

''What do you mean?'' said Steinbrenner, who was sitting nearby.

''And there won't be any phone calls in the dugout,'' Billy continued.

''That's not right,'' Steinbrenner interjected, leaping from his chair. ''I'm handling the trades. I have the right to call you in the dugout!''

''That's not the way we said, George,'' Martin countered, and the two stood there shouting at each other.

''If you don't like it, you're fired!'' Steinbrenner finally yelled, leaving Billy with the punch line: ''You can't fire me. You haven't hired me yet!''


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