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Going on a treasure hunt through a newspaper

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What do you think of when you see a newspaper? Is it a place to read about the government and football? The place to check for the weather? Something your social studies teacher wants you to read?

There's a lot more in a newspaper than just news. To find out what, try this treasure hunt. See if you can find these in the Monitor:

* A picture of a person wearing a foreign costume.

* A map.

* A number greater than 10.

* A question mark.

* An advertisement for a toy.

* A picture of a pet.

* The name of a town other than where you live.

* The name of the state where you live.

* A picture of an athlete.

* A word that starts with a consonant cluster (st, ch, gr, etc.).

* A picture of something smaller than you.

* An action word.

* The name of a television star.

* A picture of something to eat.

* A word longer than eight letters.

* A picture that has both men and women in it.

* The name of a store.

* The name of this newspaper.

* The name of this newspaper's founder.

Here are some more games you might enjoy playing with a newspaper:

Alphabet - Find a really long article, and cut it out. Then circle the letters of the alphabet in order as they appear in the story (good luck on ''q'').

Word Hide-and-Seek - You'll need a friend, a family member, or both for this. Whoever is ''it'' selects a word on a particular page of the newspaper, and the player(s) then ask up to 20 questions that can be answered yes or no to help them locate the word (''Is it in a headline? Does it begin with 'p'?''). Whoever guesses the word wins, and gets to be ''it'' next.


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