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Love's provision for each of us

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The individual who is perhaps feeling a bit jealous because a friend he has been close to is now spending more time with someone else, need not be discouraged or resentful. The good that was in the relationship is never lost. And a change in the nature of a relationship can offer a good opportunity to learn more about God and man, thus enabling one to experience more of God's love and care as well as the healing of any negative feelings.

God did not make two kinds of man, the loved and the wanting to be loved. The one infinite God made man in His image, as the Bible states. And being the image of God, who is Love, man reflects the qualities of Love and is perpetually loved. This truth may seem temporarily hidden; but it's the spiritual fact of our being, a fact we can begin to prove.

God, as the one supreme cause, is the source of all love. His love is spiritual, unchanging; it does not originate from within people. Disappointment with human affection can turn us to express and experience God's love. Then we begin to learn that because God is infinite, opportunities must exist every moment to express and experience that true love.

God doesn't have us in holding patterns, waiting for the right person to come along before we can be happy. The ability to feel love is not found in waiting to be loved by someone else. Rather, it starts with discerning more of God's constant love and learning to express it. The more love we express, the more we'll feel the reality of divine Love's presence.

A new and solid friendship can't really develop if we're jealous of another's friends. This would be basing our affections and actions on a limited sense of God's love. Jealousy and envy are merely impositions of what Paul refers to as ''the carnal mind,'' the supposed opposite of the infinite divine Mind. It is supposititious because that which is infinite can't really have an opposite. Neither fear nor envy can operate in the consciousness that is acknowledging, and feeling, the presence of infinite Love.


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