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Olympic results of Aug. 1-4:

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CYCLING Men's 4,000-meter individual pursuit 1. Steve Hegg, USA

2. Rolf Golz, West Ger.

3. Leonard Nitz, USA

Men's 4,000-meter team pursuit

1. Australia

2. United States

3. West Germany

Men's sprint

1. Mark Gorski, USA

2. Nelson Vails, USA

3. Tsutomu Sakamoto, Japan

Men's 50-km points race

1. Roger Ilegems, Belgium

2. Uwe Messerschmidt, West Germany

3. Jose Manuel Youshimatz, Mexico


Individual 3-day event

1. Mark Todd, New Zealand

2. Karen Stives, USA

3. Virginia Holgate, Great Britain

Team 3-day event

1. United States

2. Great Britain

3. West Germany


Men's foil

1. Mauro Numa, Italy

2. Mathias Behr, West Ger.

3. Stefano Cerioni, Italy


1. Jean-Francois Lamour, France

2. Marco Marin, Italy

3. Peter Westbrook, USA


Men's events


1. Koji Gushiken, Japan

2. Peter Vidmar, USA

3. Li Ning, China


1. Li Ning, China

2. Lou Yun, China

3. (tie) Koji Sotomura, Japan, and Philippe Vatuone, France

Pommel horse

1. (tie) Li Ning, China, and Peter Vidmar, USA

3. Tim Daggett, USA


1. (tie) Koji Gushiken, Japan, and Li Ning, China

3. Mitch Gaylord, USA


1. Lou Yun, China

2. (tie) Koji Gushiken, Japan; Shinji Morisue, Japan; Li Ning, Japan; Mitch Gaylord, USA

Parallel bars

1. Bart Conner, Morton Grove, Ill.

2. Nobuyuki Kajitani, Japan

3. Mitch Gaylord, USA

Horizontal bar

1. Shinji Morisue, Japan

2. Tong Fei, China

3. Koji Gushiken, Japan

Women's events


1. Romania


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