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Art forms in the east village

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Thirty years spent in New York has taught me two things: Central Park blooms again every spring, and a fresh crop of young artists from all over the United States sets out to conquer the art world here every fall. I'm grateful for both. Without Central Park's greenery and these artists' talent, enthusiasm, and imagination, New York would be a much less pleasant place to live, and its gallery world would very shortly shrivel up and die.

Unfortunately, very few of these artists succeed in any sense of the word, and most return to their home communities by the end of the first or second year. The rest, however, dig in, adapt, and do whatever is necessary to survive and to produce art. They learn to confront the real issues of creativity, to see art in its most basic and far-reaching terms, and to bring together what they feel, see, imagine, and think about into images that gradually deserve to be called art.

Even then, there's the problem of recognition in a city that even with roughly 500 galleries cannot possibly exhibit the work of more than a fraction of those who are ready. New areas open up, however, to fulfill the demand for new galleries, and before anyone knows what has happened, a new art community and gallery complex has sprung up.

The latest and most ``in'' of these is the East Village. It achieved its current status in not much more than a year, serving not only as the home base for many of the younger artists described above, but as a place where a number of them receive their first professional exposure.

An art critic ignores the East Village at his peril, a fact underscored by a two-part, four-gallery exhibition now taking place there and a few blocks to the west of it. Three East Village galleries, Sixth Sense, Dramatis Personae, and E. M. Donahue Ltd., are jointly showing ``Illuminations,'' while New York University's Grey Art Gallery is exhibiting ``Precious.'' Combined, these shows represent the work of roughly 100 artists, ranging from the modestly talented to the brilliant, the completely unknown to the well established.


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