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Prayer and Voting

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SOMETIMES we vote because we really believe in the candidates. But there are cases when people vote against the incumbents instead of for one of the candidates. There is no question that sometimes change is needed in government as in other aspects of life. But negative motives may lead us to lump the good and the bad officeholders together, and unreasoningly remove both without perceiving that there is a difference. Taking time to pray about an election gives us an opportunity to turn to God, divine Mind, and to understand the importance of letting Him govern our lives. Christ Jesus' life is a prime example for us. The Master's consciousness of man's inseparability from God made him certain that he could always turn to his Father and receive the answer he needed. This truth will help us also because God is Mind, the source of all wisdom and intelligence. Since we are inseparable from this Mind, we can pray and expect to receive intelligent answers to our needs.

Christ Jesus told a parable that to me seems particularly relevant at election time. It is a story of a man's field, which had been sown with wheat. After the sowing, an enemy came and planted tares in it. The man's servants asked him if they should go through the field and pull up the tares. Matthew's Gospel tells us that the man replied, ``Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.'' The tares look very much like wheat when they are growing; only at harvest time can you tell the difference and easily separate out and destroy the tares without harming the wheat. So it was wise to wait.


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