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God, the Only Life We Need

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AFTER I received paperwork in the mail informing me that the divorce that my husband had sought was now final, I had a very confusing conversation with my ex-husband. He was upset and told me that perhaps we would be able to work out our problems and remarry someday. I was surprised. I didn't know what to say or even think about a possible reconciliation. I felt I needed some help sorting this out, so I called a friend of mine who is also a Christian Scientist and asked her if she would be willing to pra y for me. Right away she told me, ``God is your Life, you know." When I hung up the telephone I felt even more frustrated. She hadn't told me what to do. I had wanted someone to point me in the right direction--maybe bring up an idea or two that I hadn't thought about. She certainly hadn't given me the answer I'd been looking for.

The next morning when I woke up, the very first thing I thought was ``God is my Life, my only Life." I began to see that my ex-husband could be an important part of my life, but he could never make up my entire existence. No person ever could. That's a job that only God can fulfill. I thought about how inseparable God and His spiritual idea, man, are. I realized that I could never be as close to anyone as I would always be to God. I felt so peaceful and happy. I was able to make a decision about reconcil iation that led to lasting blessings for everyone involved.


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