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The Right Idea Of Abundance

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SOMETIMES it seems as if our only abundance is our abundant awareness of what we lack! But there is an abundance we can always seek fruitfully, even at such times.

This abundance is indicated in the Bible story of Solomon's experience as a young king. God says: ``Ask what I shall give thee." Solomon's response is to ask for ``an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad." The Bible notes in First Kings that God is pleased that Solomon has asked for this quality of thought rather than for personal riches. Because he really wanted ``an understanding heart above all else, God granted Solomon the true riches of spiritual wisdom th at he requested. God also gave him the other things that he hadn't asked for!

This indicates that to the degree we genuinely desire spiritual good, we receive it. And our practical provision is derived from that. I've had many marvelous proofs of this in my own experience.

One night as I prayed, however, I became aware that I wanted spiritual understanding in order to realize the human provision that I felt sure would come from such insight. Needless to say, such prayer wasn't very effective, and I could see that it constituted a direct inversion of Solomon's sincere desire for spirituality!


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