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Christmas Promise

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CHRISTMAS is often portrayed as a kind of fairy-tale time in which some sort of miracle happens: a special present or a holiday gathering fills everyone with peace, joy, and love. But a beautifully wrapped gift or an abundant Christmas dinner doesn't really fulfill the Christmas promise. The heart's hope for Christmas is, deep down, a yearning for the things of the spirit, for the things that come to us from God.

Answering the heart's yearnings for good requires a different look at what Christmas is all about. The birth of Jesus was God's fulfilling of His promise of salvation. Throughout Old Testament times a Messiah was prophesied, one who would come forth to bring deliverance and universal peace to mankind, a Saviour whose kingdom of light and love and goodwill would have no end. The angels, joyously announcing the baby Jesus' birth, identified him as this Saviour, singing ``Glory to God in the highest, and on

earth peace, good will toward men."

And what was the Saviour to do? Just what the promise said, bring peace and goodwill to earth by teaching us that man is spiritual, inseparable from his creator, God. Jesus' mission was to show that man is God's beloved son, created in His image. His wonderful healing works gave proof of these teachings, showing the effect on people's lives of a knowledge of God.

Although Jesus is no longer with us, God's love for us continues. This eternal presence of Christ is active in our hearts and minds, showing us in practical ways how God's power heals and saves. A healing I had helped me to see God's love in a very real way. Much of my body had become inflamed and irritated. I had found healing many times before by praying to God, so it was natural for me now to turn to the truths I had learned in my study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by


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