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Waiting on God

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PEOPLE wait all the time. We wait in lines; we wait to get home. We wait in suspense, and sometimes we wait for no reason at all. Some waiting is good. How many times have we been reminded of the virtues of patience? But some waiting is wasteful. It's the mere passage of time with no results to show for it.

Waiting shouldn't be a do-nothing time but an opportunity to discover better ideas that will bring progress. Right action begins with right ideas, and good ideas come from God. By listening more intently to God, we can prevent unproductive waiting.

We often think of ourselves as waiting for certain things to happen or for particular people to make decisions, but isn't our ultimate goal the establishment of peace, health, joy, harmony? Because these are spiritual qualities, they aren't dependent on material circumstances. They are eternal and ever present because they have their source in God, infinite Spirit. We may find ourselves waiting for a deeper satisfaction within. This can be gained now, without delay, for God and all His goodness are present. Wasn't this a fundamental message of Christ Jesus, who proclaimed, ``The kingdom of heaven is at hand'' (Matthew 4:17).

The best things in life don't come from mere waiting, but from active prayer. They are discovered in a spiritual understanding of God's unqualified love and provision for man.

Driving home from work one evening, I found myself tense and anxious over the sale of our home. I was changing jobs and was scheduled to move three thousand miles away. To move, we needed to sell our house, but it was located in an area of the country mired in recession.


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