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Even Ted Williams Is Willing To Part With Fenway Park

HAVING recently viewed a Red Sox baseball game from Fenway Park's cramped bleachers, this writer isn't disturbed about the team's long-range plan to evacuate the Boston landmark.

Fenway has plenty of character, to be sure, but its most lovable feature - the towering left field wall - could simply be incorporated into a far more comfortable new park. The commitment by the Red Sox to playing in a new stadium by 2001 may anger some fans who feel there's too much history wrapped up in Fenway to ignore. A central figure in much of this history, however, is not so attached.

''I think it would be a great thing if they got a new park,'' Hall of Famer Ted Williams told the Boston Globe the other week. ''I would not be sentimental about moving into a new ballpark. I think you can improve the park, the dimensions of the park.''

Flying becomes the wheel thing

TRAVELERS who think they've noticed more bikes in air terminals probably are right. Bikes now travel free if they belong to members of the League of American Bicyclists.

The league, a nonprofit organization representing more than 30,000 cyclists and 450 bicycle clubs, struck a deal two years ago to get a $90-per-bike handling fee waived for league members.

TWA, USAir, Continental, Northwest, and AmericaWest now drop the charge for league members who make their travel arrangements through the Sports National Reservation Center, a competitively priced travel agent.

While pleased with this arrangement, the league considers it only a ''temporary solution.'' What the group really wants is the total elimination of bike handling charges for all travelers.

''The airlines' policies have cost bicyclists an incredible amount of money throughout the years and have discouraged the growth of bicycling tourism,'' says Gil Clark, executive director of the League of American Bicyclists. The policies also appear to have created a double standard, too, since skis and golf clubs travel free.


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