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The US

The Senate voted 84 to 16 to add $2.7 billion for education and job training to its spending bill, ceding ground to the Clinton administration. Wide differences remain, however. The Democrats want an additional $892 million for the environment.Congress plans to send the White House stopgap legislation to keep the government running through March 29. White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta says President Clinton will sign the legislation. Meanwhile, Clinton signed a bill allowing a temporary increase in the nation's $4.9-trillion debt ceiling through March 29.

''Time is running out'' for my campaign, Steve Forbes said, after Senator Dole swept all seven states on Super Tuesday. Dole is almost assured of the Republican nomination. Forbes said he'll stay in the race through next Tuesday's Midwest primaries. But Pat Buchanan insisted he'll harry Dole all the way to the August convention. (Story, Page 1; List at right.)

Cigarette-maker Liggett Group says it will settle a major class-action suit claiming nicotine levels in cigarettes are manipulated. It agreed to give part of its earnings over the next 25 years to smoking cessation programs. If the settlement is approved by the federal court, it will be the first time a tobacco company paid to settle a smoking lawsuit. (Story, Page 3.)

After years of banning cameras in court, the Judicial Conference of the US narrowly approved a proposal to let individual appeals courts decide on allowing cameras in the courtroom. But the 27-judge group, chaired by Chief Justice Rehnquist, also reaffirmed its opposition to broadcasting trials held before federal district courts.

The House passed a bill directing the State Department to spend less money overseas and ordering Clinton to eliminate at least one major foreign affairs agency. The bill goes next to the Senate. Clinton has vowed to veto the bill, calling it congressional infringement of presidential authority on foreign policy.

An internal CIA report found ''operational and management deficiencies'' in an economic intelligence operation in France. CIA director John Deutch ordered corrective action. The case exploded last February when the French interior minister told then-President Francois Mitterand the CIA tried to recruit government ministers' aides.


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