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Keeping Things Fair

A spiritual look at issues of interest to young people

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To a little kid it's very important that everything is fair. Otherwise, parents, other kids, and teachers all hear about it. Even the smallest injustice - something that seems like it's really no big deal - brings on a clamorous protest!

Later on there aren't adults around to referee and make sure that things stay fair. Then it seems that a person either has to fight the whole world or just give up and take whatever comes.

Actually, when things aren't fair, God is still there for you. In fact, He's the only power and authority. Sometimes it's hard to swallow your pride and pray when things aren't fair. Yet, after a bit of time has gone by, it becomes obvious that this was exactly what you should have done in the first place. Let me tell what happened when, to me, life seemed as unfair as I thought it could get.

It was two weeks into our team's baseball season, and I was supposed to be the starting third baseman. I say supposed to be because I was not! My school was big, and many people had tried out for the team that spring. After a few weeks and some hard work, though, I was in the starting lineup.

Finally the day of our first game came. But when I suited up and went onto the field, I found out something surprising to say the least. There was a guy who'd played third base the year before. He hadn't even tried out for the team this year because his grades had made him ineligible. But there he was, starting at third base! Someone had pulled some strings. And now, even though I'd earned my place, I was on the sidelines.

Nothing so unjust had ever happened to me in my life. Even though to some people it didn't look like that big a deal, baseball seemed to me to be the most important thing in my life.


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