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For new UFO lobby, 'X-Files' are real

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Who's going to expose the massive government conspiracy to hide the truth about extraterrestrials visiting earth?

Instead of "The X-Files' " Mulder and Scully, it might have to be the House and Senate.

At least that's the hope of some UFO activists, who are taking a decidedly new tack toward bringing out the truth about past sightings and contact with alien spacecraft.

Some of the more vigilant flying-saucer enthusiasts have formed the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), the nation's first official UFO lobby.

Giving up on the men in black, UFO activists are taking their case to the men and women in charcoal gray.

Stephen Bassett, executive director of X-PPAC, is now a registered lobbyist, roaming the halls of Congress to alert members to the supposed coverup of UFO sightings.

"I can assure you there are plenty of people in this town who take this very seriously," says Mr. Bassett of his meetings with public officials.

That is, those willing to brave what Bassett calls the "ridicule curtain," the tendency to dismiss his group as kooky.

Bassett believes that alien life has existed on earth since at least 1947, and that a group of elites in the nation's military-industrial complex are keeping it secret.

But with the end of the cold war, word of the coverup has started to leak out, he says. Former officials, aware of what was going on, have started approaching UFO activists to tell the secrets they have seen - off the record, of course.

So the truth, as it were, is out there. But how to get it out?

That's where X-PPAC comes in. It wants Congress to hold hearings on the subject. Bassett is certain that in such a venue, former government officials would talk.

There may be a problem with this strategy, however. Many congressmen may be reluctant to hold public hearings on the issue since, according to the shocking 1994 headlines of the Weekly World News, a supermarket tabloid, 12 senators are space aliens.


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