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The you God made

A spiritual look at issues of interest to young people

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It was another big family party. Inside the house, aunts and uncles and grandparents finished their desserts. Outside, the nine cousins played in the yard as the sun went down and the first stars danced in the night sky.

Kaitlin and her cousin Erin whispered and giggled in the big hammock as it rocked back and forth. Erin's brother quietly sneaked up on them. With a big push and then another, he turned the hammock into a wild, wonderful ride. Their giggles turned into laughter. Wheee! another push - and out tumbled the girls. Erin landed in the cool grass still laughing. But crash! went Kaitlin's ankle against a tree stump. All the laughter stopped.

"Are you OK?" asked Erin.

"I think so," said Kaitlin.

At a time like this, it helped her to think of how she was God's child. God made her OK. Always. But that's not how her ankle felt. She tried to stand, but she crumpled back to the ground. It hurt. And she was frightened by how it sounded when she moved.

Kaitlin's cousins helped her get in the house, and her family left the party and drove home. Together, they all began to pray for her. How? They kept remembering that God takes care of His children. They talked about how God protects us all. They kept themselves thinking about how God loves us no matter what. And how nothing is stronger than this love of God.

But Kaitlin began to think about tomorrow. It was her first soccer practice. Her first game was in three days! She loved playing soccer more than anything else. How could she run and shoot when she couldn't even walk?

One of her friends' dads was a man who prayed with people when they had problems. So Kaitlin and her parents decided to call him for help. He was glad they called, and they could see his love for God and his trust in God.

At bedtime, Kaitlin's mom tucked her into bed. They talked about how God is so good that He made everything perfectly. Everything He made is like Him. Nothing can ever change how good it is.


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