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Words that really measure up

Everyone knows how many eggs are in a dozen. But how many other measurements do you know? Match the following definitions to the correct terms below.

1. Two weeks

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2. A bunch of bananas

3. 40 yards of cloth

4. 500 sheets of paper

5. 47 gallons of herring

6. 63 to 140 gallons of drink

7. 50 to 55 gallons of oil

8. 6 feet deep of water

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9. 56 pounds of butter (in


10. 500 pounds of cotton

11. 32, 56, or 75 pounds of


12. 8 quarts of pickled


A. ream

B. bale

C. peck

D. frail

E. bolt

F. cran

G. firkin

H. drum

I. fortnight

J. hand

K. hogshead

L. fathom


(1) I, two weeks are a fortnight (14 nights); (2) J, a bunch of bananas is a hand; (3) E, 40 yards of cloth are a bolt; (4) A, 500 sheets of paper are a ream; (5) F, 47 gallons of herring are a cran; (6) K, 63 to 140 gallons of drink are a hogshead; (7) H, 50 to 55 gallons of oil are a drum; (8) L, water six feet deep is a fathom; (9) G, a firkin holds 56 pounds of butter in England; (10) B, 500 pounds of cotton are a bale; (11) D, a frail (or basket) holds 32, 56, or 75 pounds of raisins; (12) C, 8 quarts of pickled peppers are a peck.

Source: 'Information Please Kids' Almanac,' by Alice Siegal and Margo McLoone Basta.

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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