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Minority women deserve more recognition

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Regarding your May 11 article "Women's activism through US history": How could the Monitor write an article about women's activism through US history and include only women who are white?

To omit Native American Sacagawea, (now featured on the new dollar coin), African Americans Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, and the courageous women of color who founded the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs Inc. in 1896 (Mary Church Terrell, first president), is incredible. It is just unacceptable to report history in this country as though only one group was involved in building this mighty nation.

Margaret Bush Wilson St. Louis Former Chair, Board of Directors, NAACP

Mexico's other side: peaceful change

Regarding Carlos Lozada's May 24 opinion piece "Latin America's democratic gambles": It never mentions the changes that have been going on in the electoral arena. Even though it is true that the PRI has ruled the country for many decades, today the opposition rules in nine states and in the federal district.

On the same tone, the opposition has the majority on the House of Deputies; and in many cities and municipalities the ones that govern are from opposition parties. As a matter of fact, 48 percent of the population of the municipalities are ruled by the opposition.

The article never mentioned this deepest and peaceful transformation that Mexican society has gone through. Especially related to our political culture is the role of the media as a watchdog in the electoral process and, above all, the presence of an autonomous electoral institute, Instituto Federal Electoral, which guarantees the cleanness and transparency of the electoral process. Likewise, it is important to mention that democracy means that the candidate that wins is the one chosen by the people.

David Njera Rivas Mxico City General Director for International Information Office of the President

Motivational speakers not to blame


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