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Outside Florida's political quagmire

With his Nov. 20 column, "Florida needs hand counts in this game," Dante Chinni has injected a measure of sanity in this raucous argument over the ballot count in Florida.

As a member of the largely unrepresented moderate center, I have grown extremely tired of the childish behavior of leaders of both our political parties. It's time to end this farce. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a lock on virtue in the Florida recounts.

And, whichever candidate eventually is granted Florida's electoral votes, the country will continue. It's time for us all to step forward, take a deep breath, and move on!

Gary Hobin Leavenworth, Kan.

Columnist Dante Chinni sounds like a faithful liberal spindoctor when he writes that "It is also unfair to say Gore just wants to keep counting votes until he wins. The Gore camp thus far has simply followed Florida law."

The first statement is illogical. Would Al Gore want to keep counting, recounting, and re-recounting if he were ahead? Concerning Mr. Chinni's second statement, the Gore minions have already sought to disregard Florida law that requires use of the vote tallies turned into the Florida secretary of state by 5 p.m. on Nov. 14.

Moreover, the Gore minions have sought to disregard Florida law that requires the Florida secretary of state to certify the winner on Nov. 18 after the overseas votes are counted.

Dana Dickie Nashville, Tenn.

I don't understand the big deal being made of the Florida voting question.

If a section of the ballot is not clear to 25 or 50 voters, but perfectly clear to 1,000,000 similar citizens, why blame the ballot? Why not those few people? If it happened to me (and it has) I'd leave that question blank and proceed to finish the rest of the proposals. If I don't understand a question, I don't blame anyone but myself. We need to accept "where the chips fall" and stop the political wrangling.

June Beckwith Oak Harbor, Wash.


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