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You have to feel a little sorry for Koh Seng Kee. The respectable teacher and father of three in buttoned-down Singapore is having to go around assuring people that he isn't the Koh Seng Kee who awaits trial on a widely publicized morals charge, even though he also bears a slight resemblance to the other guy. And that's after he had problems selling his home because yet another namesake was on a bankruptcy-court list. "My children," he says, "joke that I should change my name."

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Ranking the most - and least - serene Asian nations

Indonesia, with its legion of economic, ethnic, sectarian, and political problems, is the most stressful Asian country in which to live for foreigners, a survey by the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) has found. PERC, which advises companies doing business in the region, polled 1,000 expatriates over the summer. The countries rated as having the most and least stressful environments: on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the most stressful:

Indonesia 7.33

South Korea 6.67

Vietnam 6.50

China 6.25

India 6.25

Taiwan 6.00

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Hong Kong 5.30

Singapore 5.00

Thailand 4.73

Philippines 4.50

Malaysia 4.50

Japan 4.00

- Agence-France-Press

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