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Putting a stop to red-light runners

Regarding: "As stoplight cameras spread, drivers see red" (March 19): Hurray for a device that exposes traffic violators and clearly lowers the number of red-light-running violations where these cameras are being used. It's time we stopped giving more weight to perceived rights of privacy and movement than to my right to drive in as safe an environment as possible. When a driver runs a red light, that person endangers someone's life including his or her own.

I see these violators frequently, and thus far my defensive driving techniques have helped me avoid accidents. With more cameras, I will have another way to be protected from the crass drivers who value their freedom to drive more than my safety.
James B. Hathaway

You don't have to drive far to find drivers running red lights when there are no cameras or police present. Why do you think most drivers pause for a few seconds before moving into the intersection on a green light? This is a good indication of how rampant and blatant red-light running has become. When are people going to start accepting responsibility for their actions? Running red lights is extremely dangerous. The fine should be in the thousands of dollars in addition to losing your drivers license for at least a year.
Bob Bellfy
San Marcos, Calif.

A simple solution to the dangers of red- light running would be to have all four traffic lights show red at the same time for 5 seconds or longer. It would allow red light runners time to clear the intersection and eliminate accidents. If safety and not "revenue generation" really is the motive for the red-light cameras, the four-way pause would solve the problem and cost the municipality nothing to implement.
Tim Jones
Allen, Texas

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