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Monitor Breakfast with James Carville and Stanley Greenberg

Excerpts from a Monitor breakfast with James Carville and Stanley Greenberg

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Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville of Democracy Corp were the guests at Thursday's Monitor Breakfast in Washington. Here are excerpts from their remarks:

On why President Bush's job approval rating has dropped to 58 percent in Democracy Corp's new poll:

Carville: "I think when he did this dividend tax cut, it really did just cause [those polled to say] this is too much. ...something fundamental is going on here other than what people would refer [to] as a natural pullback from 9/11 highs.

On what fundamental factors are at work:

Greenberg: "The president's views are misaligned. He is out of the mainstream with what people believe about how you ought to do economic policy, what principles ought to apply. And the focus on working- or middle-class people is a central principle, along with tax cuts focusing on working or middle class people and relieving their financial pressure. [It] is central to ... achieving greater economic confidence. ... [we tested] and the president is out of the mainstream on these economic principles."

On what Democrats need to do given the president's lower approval numbers:

Carville: "I am not for anybody [in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination] but the moment that it looks like somebody is going to win this thing, then I am for everyone [else] getting out. I will be so viciously for that person you will not believe it. I will go out and campaign day and night to clear the field. Because we really need to get someone out there fast who speaks for the party."

On whether voters will support the president if a case is made for war with Iraq:

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