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Divestment from Israel: a step away from peace

The Dec. 6 article "From churches, a challenge to Israeli policies" conveyed many of the diverse - and often conflicting - viewpoints on the topic of divestment from Israel, including the positions of hitherto underexposed parties: pro-divestment Jews and antidivestment Christians.

As a Jew myself, I was heartened that the article referred to the Jewish community's instinctive response to being singled out. Our history teaches the potentially huge destruction that follows from being isolated. Notwithstanding the perceived justification of supporters of divestment, many Jews are deeply offended by divestment. It's as hurtful to them as blacklisting or Star of David armbands.

Most Israelis support a liberal middle-ground involving a two-state solution. Peace supporters around the world would achieve their greatest effect by helping that majority. Divestment only antagonizes - and strengthens - Israel's right wing.
Sheldon Tyber

I truly appreciate that while the leaders of the Presbyterian Church are urging divestment from Israeli companies involved with aggression, they are also thinking of investing in Israeli companies that aren't involved.

However, I fail to see the connection with Israel's security wall and aggression. The only reason the wall is being built is to stop suicide bombers from crossing into Israel to kill people, and it has saved the lives of Israeli citizens - both Jewish and Muslim.

I realize that the wall has caused disruption in the lives of Palestinians, but how is this inconvenience worse than the repeated carnage wreaked by the bombing of innocent lives on Israeli buses and in cafes, schools, and markets?
Sara L. Cannon
Santa Monica, Calif.

In my opinion, if you want to see who the real oppressors of the Palestinians are, look at the Arab Muslim world. Palestinians are not allowed citizenship in any Arab state other than Jordan.
Paula Bojsen
Holland, Mich.


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