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Accepted (PG-13)

Director: Steve Pink. With Justin Long, Adam Herschman. (90 min.)

Eight colleges have rejected Bartleby Gaines (Long), and his parents are on his case. Several friends are in the same predicament. Their solution: Set up a fake college Internet site and send themselves acceptance letters, then rent an abandoned mental hospital as a campus. Troubles begin when hundreds of other would-be students find the website and show up waving tuition checks. And then come legal challenges from the elite college up the hill. "Sophomoric" doesn't begin to describe the humor (most of the characters are freshmen after all), but you may find some laughs in spite of yourself. Grade: C
– M.K. Terrell

Sex/Nudity: 12 instances of innuendo, 2 images of a phallic sculpture. Violence: 2 instances. Profanity: 111 expressions, including 62 harsh. Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco: 8 scenes of drinking, 1 drug deal.

Conversations With Other Women (R)

Director: Hans Canosa. With Aaron Eckhart, Helena Bonham Carter. (84 min.)

Eckhart and Carter play old lovers who meet up at a wedding reception after many years. She's married, he's involved, but for a night at least they attempt to put the rest of their lives on hold. Gabrielle Zevin's screenplay is second-tier Pinter. The actors, who portray a reunion that is more sparring match than love fest, strike occasional sparks. (But why must Carter always look so chalk white?) The story is shown in split-screen, an effect that has no rationale except artiness. Grade: B–
– Peter Rainer

The House of Sand (R)

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