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Another e-book comes to market

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When it comes to speed-rankings for adopting new technology, my pace would fall into some category slightly below that of a Galápagos Giant Tortoise.

It's only a couple of months ago that I stopped shouting for my husband every time I had to reboot my home laptop. (I probably still wouldn't have one at all if he hadn't bought it for me.)

But there's been one notable exception to my all-round tech-resistance: I couldn't wait to get my hands on an Amazon Kindle.

Why? It's so simple: I'm a reader and I often travel by train, bus, and subway. And I bless my lightweight, use-to-use Kindle every time I do. No more must I try to shove three or four books into an overwhelmed bookpack.

So as unlikely as I would normally be to browse tech news, I have been doing so with interest this weekend. Sony is bringing out its second third generation e-reader next month and I was very curious to discover what improvements it offers.

Here's what I can understand so far:

The Sony PRS-700 Reader e-book (priced at $400, compared with the current Sony Reader, the PRS-500, which sells for $300), offers a few improvements but, according to an early review by Popular Mechanic magazine, the new features are "useful, but hardly revolutionary."

The upgrades it offers include an integrated LED front light (making it easier to read in bright sunlight) that even turns itself on and off depending on need, a touchscreen, and a virtual on-screen keypad that allows readers to take "notes."


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