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The latest (mis)adventures of Jerome Corsi

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As far as Covington is concerned, Corsi, who claims that he is exposing secret links between Obama and Kenyan officials and that Obama has a plan to turn the US into a Muslim nation, is like "a crazy uncle or cousin who comes to family events with all sorts of 'things they just aren’t telling you' and 'facts' that he himself is privy to, and that must be true, because he read it on the internet, or in a book."

At the same time, however, Nick Denton writes on Gawker that, "Jerome Corsi's brush with the Kenyan authorities is a gift to the Republican campaign and those who disseminate its talking points." His detention, Denton says, "feeds into the reptilian-brain paranoia that the mild-mannered Democratic candidate will pack the government with his friends and bring incompetent or tyrannical black rule to the US."

Corsi also said that while in was in Nairobi he was hoping to meet with Barack Obama's half-brother, George, saying he had a check for him. George is reported to have told the press that he has no interest in meeting with Corsi.

Corsi is also the author of "Unfit for Command," a 2004 book deeply critical of John Kerry. Like "Obama Nation," that book was charged with allegations of serious factual errors.

In 2005 Corsi published "Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians," which claimed that Democratic politicians are corrupted by Iranian money and support Iranian mullahs and Iran's quest for nuclear weapons.

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