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Bad review of your book? Voilà! It's gone.

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(Read caption) Afraid of a bad review in Publishers Weekly? You can always play it safe with Blueink Review.

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Thinking about writing a book and printing it through one of those self-publishing outfits? Get ready to work: you'll have to take on the task of convincing people to read it or pay someone else to take on that chore.

Sure, you can shell out $149 for a listing and a chance at a professional book review by the trade journal Publishers Weekly. But that's no guarantee of a cover-friendly "couldn't-put-it-down page-turner" blurb.

A self-published memoir is "heartwrenching but sometimes plodding," says one new Publishers Weekly review. A Civil War novel is an "intriguing but not altogether successful." It's even worse for a compilation of allegedly comic essays ("precious few laughs, or even grins") and a religious book ("ill-informed and insipid").

Those are some expensive ouches.

Wouldn't it be nice to pay for a review and get to spike it if the reviewer thinks your book stinks? Now you can. A literary agent and the former book editor of the Rocky Mountain News have co-founded a new book-reviewing website that does just that.

At BlueInk Review, "serious reviews of self-published books" come at a price – $395 or $495 each once you click the "Order your review!" button. That's a lot of money, but it comes with control over whether a review ever sees the light of day. If you don't like the review of your book, it doesn't run.


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