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Hurricane insurance: Do you have it? Need it? Six things to know.

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Tommy Norris, right, and helper Alton Nealy work to secure the Norris family beach home in Sunset Beach, N.C., Aug. 24, 2011, in anticipation of hurricane Irene. Flood insurance typically covers any water damage to structures or personal property.

Randall Hill / Reuters

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2. What does flood insurance cover?

There are two kinds of flood insurance for consumers: one for buildings and one for personal property.

Building policies cover structural damage, to the exterior and foundation, as well as damage to certain, semi-permanent indoor items, such as paneling, heating and cooling systems, carpet, and built-in appliances. Building policies can cover up to $250,000.

Personal property insurance can cover up to $100,000 in damages, and typically applies to portable items. For instance, furniture, clothing, and electronics are considered “personal property,” as are portable appliances, washers and dryers, and artwork.

A more detailed list from the National Flood Insurance Program can be found here.

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