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10 strange fast food items abroad

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The "Dark Vador" burger was available in Quick restaurants across France earlier in the year.

Couresty of Quick

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2. Darth Vader burger (Quick, France)

Ok, so it was a promotional gimmick, and it didn’t last long. But for about a month, the French fast food chain Quick offered a “Darth Vader burger,” complete with a black bun. The burger was part of a promotion for “Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D.” As the Monitor’s Laurent Belsie wrote back in January:

 “It's structured like a Big Mac. It could almost pass for a Big Mac, except that the bun is ... well ... black. Not blackened, totally black. Like two well-formed pieces of charcoal.”

The promotion also included a Darth Maul burger with a bright red bun, as well as a Jedi burger, with a regular bun.

Would we eat it?: With our eyes closed, probably.

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