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Electric car: lease or buy?

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Noah Berger/Reuters/File

(Read caption) A Tesla Model S electric sedan is driven near the company's factory in Fremont, Calif. Among electric car drivers, 93 percent choose to lease their plug-in cars.

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You're considering a plug-in electric car.

Should you lease or buy?

It's a question that all new-car shoppers face--but for electric cars, there are some special considerations.

Each financing option has its pros and cons, so we've outlined the reasons you might opt for each alternative.



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Leasing is the more conservative route for you if you're at all worried about battery life.

That's lately been reinforced by articles such as one in the Wall Street Journal, which warns in apocalyptic tones, Don't Get Stuck In An Old Electric Car.

93 percent leased

Indeed, it appears that by far the largest proportion of plug-in electric cars delivered have been leased.

The WSJ notes that data-research firm Experian Automotive reports fully 93 percent of electric cars delivered from October through December last year were leased.