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A case for keeping the old, green chair

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(Read caption) A green chair sits with tables and other chairs. Guest blogger Trent Hamm threw out a comfortable but worn green chair from his first apartment, and now, he writes, that he wishes he hadn't.

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One of the big fixtures of the first apartment that Sarah and I shared was an extremely bright green chair. This chair had ancient floral-print upholstery, done almost entirely in shades of green and green-yellow, and looked like it walked straight out of the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, especially considering our recently-out-of-college status, this chair was a pick-up from a Goodwill store.

It was ugly.

It was garish.

It was comfortable.

In fact, that chair was so comfortable that Sarah and I would often race to see who would claim it in the evenings as a place to sit. It was the single most comfortable chair that either one of us has ever owned.

When we left that apartment, we left that chair behind.

* * *

Now, why did we leave that chair behind?

As a newly married couple, both with the beginnings of careers, we both believed that we needed to put aside such old things. We needed to upgrade our living quarters.

In short, we went and bought a bunch of furniture to replace that old green chair.

Looking back on it, we didn’t get rid of that old green chair because we wanted to. We both loved that old thing. We both ceremoniously sat in that chair for a while on our last day in that old apartment before leaving it at the curb. Between the two of us, we didn’t really mind the appearance of that chair, and neither did our friends.

Instead, we got rid of it out of a sense of what we were supposed to do.

As a young professional couple, we were supposed to have nice furniture in our home.

We were supposed to look sharp.

We were supposed to impress the people we invited over with the quality of our home decor.

Do you see a problem with those statements?


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