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10 myths about the Bible

A Christian Science perspective.

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1. The Bible is drier than the Mojave Desert.
True, the Bible is, in a sense, just a bunch of words. But the reader’s desire to understand God, to love Him and one’s brothers and sisters around the world more, and to grow in grace brings the Bible to life. Our desire to grow spiritually converts the Bible from a desert of words into a garden of spiritual truths and inspiration. 

2. The Bible teaches religiosity, not spirituality.
The Bible is profoundly opposed to a merely surface spiritual practice. It demands honesty with oneself and others, freedom from hypocrisy, and that one love God and others unconditionally.

In Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan, a priest and another worker in the Temple refuse to help a man who has been beaten. Finally he receives aid from a compassionate, generous man of a religion that was detested by Jesus’ compatriots (see Luke 10:25-37).

3. The Bible is antiwomen.
Some letters attributed to the Apostle Paul say that women should dress and act modestly and keep quiet. But these are views about what was appropriate in that time and culture – not comments on the superiority of one gender over another. In fact, millions of women and men, throughout history and today, have found that the love of God as explained in the Bible reforms, frees, and heals. Consider Mary Baker Eddy, who found in the Bible the answer to her own suffering, as well as a system of healing upon which to found a church. In this church, men and women have enjoyed equality since 1879.


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