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The home you cannot lose

A Christian Science perspective on daily life.

About these ads reported that foreclosures on home mortgages in the US soared to 405,000 in 2007. Sales are slow in many housing markets, and prices are down, making it difficult for borrowers to sell in order to repay mortgage debts.

Our homes are precious, and it is sad to think of people losing them. But one comforting thought is that "home" and "house" are not necessarily synonymous.

While some people may lose their houses in the crisis, the fact is that each of us has a spiritual nature that is our real home. It is strengthened and clarified as we draw closer to God and discover qualities such as joy, peace, compassion, and patience. It's a center of affection, sharing, and security. Whatever happens to a material home, we can't be deprived of what represents its true nature.

When despair about the loss of a home seems all too close, we can call upon divine Love's abiding, ever-present, and all-powerful care. God provides the needed strength and guidance, and all of us can feel this tender comfort now. We can take a mental inventory of the qualities of our home and then look for evidence of them in other parts of our lives. Recognizing that the qualities are still with us helps lift us out of sorrow and loss.

The Bible says, "In him [God], we live, and move, and have our being" (Acts 17:28). Here we are completely embraced and protected by infinite Love, with all its intelligence, wisdom, strength, and goodness. Recognizing this spiritual fact begins to lessen fear and to lead the way to permanent stability and safety.

Jesus understood this. At the beginning of his ministry, two men followed him. They were disciples of John the Baptist, who had just told them that Jesus was the "Lamb of God."


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